Bring Me Sunshine – Fri 22nd Aug 2014


This was T, having a bit of a skip and a muck around after our trip out, it reminded me of the “Bring Me Sunshine” ending from old Morecambe and Wise shows (always fun to see on YouTube).

D was laughing away watching her brother, running to catch up, but T is much, much faster.

It was a fun walk, looking out for ripening conkers on the trees, there are dozens of conker trees alongside the road side by D’s school and the nearby secondary school, they’ll no doubt be plucked down once the schools go back.

The shops were busy and there were plenty of stares at D, walking beside me, almost too busy for them both. Plenty of people getting in their bits for the long weekend. I don’t know if they stare at D because she looks “different” or whether she is a pre-teen unaffected by the latest fashions and happy in her tutu skirt over leggings. As long as she’s not aware, I’m ok (ish).

I “misplaced” T and D on the way back…


Oh, there they are!


Our garden is lovely but it’s great to get out beyond the fence (a bit of an issue with T this summer holidays).


Dancing – Thurs 21st Aug 2014

This week hasn’t been without its niggly bits, T’s and D’s inability to share and empathise with each other can be very frustrating and then we had the (not so) small matter of D’s injection. She gets extremely anxious before and during it and it’s a case of me holding her down whilst a nurse darts around her and gets to where I’ve put the numbing cream.

But there have been some lovely moments concerning D’s revisited love of the bedtime hour on CBeebies and therefore our word for the week is:


When she was about 4 years old or so, her and Hubbie would watch In The Night Garden and do the dances when they came on for Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, Upsey Daisy and the other characters. It was always so lovely to watch, both really enjoying it and laughing away.

And that’s what’s returned this week, Mr Bluecrisps has been working hard this week as per but he was still dancing away, doing the Makka Pakka song next to a dancing D, complete with Bunny.

It did make me think “oh gosh, I hope she’s not regressing”, but I guess like I’d enjoy a Mr Benn or Bagpuss programme, it’s nostalgia and memories for D, wrapped up with some (very funny) dancing with her Dad. She’s normally so “Mumma! Mumma! I need you!” so to see her like this is definitely my Cheerful Reason for this week.

Good old In The Night Garden!

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Understanding – Weds 20th Aug 2014

It’s always a massive relief to get D’s injection out of the way for another month.

Today’s gave her cause for anxieties as it was an unknown nurse coming to the house, someone she hadn’t met before and therefore may not have been familiar with just how much D protests and wiggles, it really is a two person task every time. D is nearly as tall as me now (at age 10) and extremely strong.

Luckily, the nurse had been told what to expect and she was lovely, a gentle tone and chat beforehand meant that D was more relaxed and, yes she wriggled and flailed, but it was done relatively smoothly.

Because it was administered at home and it’s the holidays, I obviously didn’t have to get her to class straight away so we could have the deep pressure cuddles that she likes and craves, lots of them.

It took her a while to recover from the injection process (which again made me grateful she was at home) and then, it was time for her to become my (not so) little sous chef and do some baking. I had hoped that she’d be more inclined to try new things, having made something herself, but as yet, it’s not totally working, school do force her to try new things and I’d rather she tried them because she wanted to and not get a complex (I have a horrible tale from my primary school days, which I’ll share sometime).

Anyway, today has gone better (ish) than anticipated, I hope everyone else’s has too Jx.


Cheese Scones #KidsInTheKitchen

One of my little extravagances if I pop into town, is a cheese scone from M&S, no butter or margarine with it, just on its own.

Town trips are few and far between in the summer holidays as getting T beyond our garden fence is a challenge, he just prefers to be at home.

So, D and I thought we’d make some cheese scones last week. It involved a couple of new skills for her, that of grating (which is quite complicated when you think about it, having one hand holding down the grater and the other putting pressure on the cheese) and also using a rolling pin.

We found a recipe online and, in retrospect, I’d use more cheese next time. We made another batch and substituted cheese for chopped up cooked bacon, which was really yummy too.

Cheese scones

Equipment needed:
Large mixing bowl
Rolling pin
Cookie cutter/beaker
Baking sheet (baking paper optional)
Palette knife

Ingredients needed:
8oz self raising flour
1 pinch salt
1 pinch pepper
1 tsp baking powder
2oz butter/margarine cut into cubes
2oz (or more) grated cheddar
3fl oz milk

And here’s how we did it:

1. Sift the flour, salt, pepper and baking powder into a bowl. Rub the butter/margarine into the dry mixture using fingertips.


2. Stir in the grated cheese (expertly grated by D) and then add the milk a little at a time. Mix through with the palette knife until the dough starts to stick together.


3. Press the dough together with your fingers, either form into rough shapes or roll out with a (floured) rolling pin on a floured surface to around 2cm thick and cut with a cookie cutter/upturned beaker. D found the plastic beaker far easier to use.



4. Arrange on a greased/lined baking sheet, brush the dough with some milk on the top to get a sheen once cooked and bake for 10-15 minutes at gas mark 4/200c/400f until risen and golden brown.

D fashioned a flower-shaped scone with some left over dough too.

5. Once cooked, resist until they’re cool and then enjoy, with or without a filling.


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