Snuggly – Sat 25th Oct 2014

It’s only when I did my round-up of the week yesterday that I realise how busy it’s been, for D especially.

A snuggly girly day was welcomed, for both of us. The menfolk headed off to football (T’s team drew and the men’s team won) and we (D and I) had a baking, onesie, giggly type of day. It was nice.

In addition tomorrow will bring a trip to town as her iPad mini (or replacement under warranty) is ready for collection. Finally. It’s been much missed and D has frequently been in tears over its absence. We could go in during the week but Sundays tend to be quieter, with fewer people around, even with two months to go until Christmas (yep, the “C” word).

Now that she knows it may not be her one, but a replacement, D is anxious about her games, books and videos not being on there, quite a bit anxious tbh. It shouldn’t take too long to restore from a back up …hopefully.

So that’s our day, yes quiet but it was needed and I even got a cuddle from T when he came back too. That is a rarity, a very nice one.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


My Word Of The Week and #R2BC

Oh, we are glad in the Bluecrisps household that it’s half term next week! Both T and D have worked really hard these last few weeks and I know that T is looking forward to not wearing a school tie for nine whole days! Similarly it will be nice that he doesn’t have to head off out the door at 7.45am to catch the school coach.

Thinking of a word to sum up this last week wasn’t easy, it’s normally quite instaneous but there is one (or two) and it’s this:

(Image from

And here’s why, with my R2BC bit:

1. House Captain

D’s SN school held elections for house and vice captains a couple of weeks ago and D is now a House Captain!

She is absolutely delighted and we couldn’t be prouder. She said she wanted to be voted in because she “likes to help people” and that is so good to hear.

If she’s in the right frame of mind, she can be very helpful and always appreciates a bit of praise afterwards.

2. Speedy intervention

There was an incident at D’s school this week when she was touched inappropriately.

Thankfully the school were extremely quick in implementing their procedures and it was all sorted out before the end of the school day, I’d reported it the next morning, after D had told me the previous evening.

We’re grateful for that, the speed with which it was investigated and that it didn’t turn out to be more serious than it was and that D told the other child to stop it at the time. She’s always a bit apprehensive about speaking up in case she “gets told off”, but in this occasion she did. And told me about it. Well done D.

3. SN school disco

Last night saw a school disco at D’s school, the first one they’ve had in ages. It was great watching those children who might not have had experience before enjoying themselves and D sang her heart out to “Firework”, her favourite song.

4. Christmas concert

Another one for D! She’s going to be singing a solo in the Christmas carol concert, as long as nerves don’t overtake her. A mega mega mega step forward as this was the little girl who was too scared and anxious to participate in any assemblies or concerts in mainstream.

5. Flu jab

Well, I’ve been “jabbed” this week. Glad I’m now vaccinated against the flu beasties. I had it done at Boots as our GP surgery has already run out and for free, as I’m T and D’s named carers.

Apart from a little sore bit on my arm, it’s fine.

D will have the nasal spray version in a couple of weeks at school. I need to clarify if T will get it (doubtful, they said a definite “no” last year).

6. Circus Starr

We had the absolute pleasure of going to the circus last weekend. I’m an absolute wimp with heights so it was amazing to see all these flexible, bendy, strong people way up high. The photo at the end of the post is from the performance, click here to see some more.

7. Planner mix up

And my last one. Apart from a complete and utter planner mix up on Monday morning, T has had the correct PE kit and books every day. It was rectified before he went off but with the wrong PE kit as the other (he has 3 variations depending on the lesson!) was in the wash.

A quick phone call to school explaining what had happened meant the the teacher was aware in advance how worried T was (they threaten detentions for the slightest thing) and it was fine. There weren’t any repercussions. I’m sure he’s not the first to bring in incorrect kit but he left the house in tears, he was that anxious.

Needless to say, the “best bit of the week” for all of us was that it’s half term next week.

Very timely as I collected a pale and tearful D from school today, she was extremely tired.

So it’s a “phew” from us and I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


The School Disco – Thurs 23rd Oct 2014

D has now started her sixth year at her SN school and this evening was the first time she’d been to a disco there. It’s something that hasn’t been run for many years apparently and the PTA wanted to “test the water”, to see how popular it would be. They recognise that a school disco is not something that many of the pupils would have experienced.

It was great. Each pupil had a carer with them and everyone enjoyed it. Whether it was dancing by themselves/with their carer/rolling around the floor, each happy doing their own thing. Some were in costumes.

D had a groove with me, with one of her friends and with other parents. At one point “Baggy Trousers” came on and there was a conga of happy, laughing children going around the room.

She danced to YMCA and “Living On A Prayer” (amongst others) and she sang away to her favourite song “Firework”.

It ended with “Gangnam Style”.

Judging by the happy faces tonight, I don’t think this will be a one-off, I hope not anyway.

I’m so pleased she enjoyed it, she has been a little bit “I want to go, but I don’t” this week and obviously it was all very out of routine but it all went really well.

Although siblings were allowed, T definitely didn’t want to go, so he didn’t. He’s not a bounce-around-chappie unless it’s to his FIFA game. He had a reasonable day but was a bit miffed as school are starting to put them into class sets and he’s in set 2 for PE. For a little man who likes to excel at everything he does – especially sport – this has been a little tough for him to handle.

Anyway, it’s very nearly half term and for a weary T and D, it will be welcomed.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

You Are Missed #Prose4T

It’s nearly been a year
Since you’ve been gone
No chance to say goodbye
The stroke that took you was too strong

You are missed
For your honesty and your advice
It was always there, harsh or mild
But the follow up smile was so nice

You were the hub of the family
A router for news and chat
A void that can’t be filled
And that simply, is that

The children talk about you
They wonder how you are
Perhaps you’re looking down on us all
Smiling from that brightest star

We had so much to tell you
New school, new achievements and the like
You’d have loved seeing D
Smiling on her new trike

On the anniversary
What will we do?
I expect we’ll chat, cry and hug
Light a candle for you


Prose for Thought

Counting Down – Weds 22nd Oct 2014

Not long until half term (thank goodness), T and D are getting quite weary and it shows in their tolerance (or lack of) levels of each other.

Earlier D was asking me enthusiastically what day it was tomorrow. I replied “Thursday”, thinking she was excited about the school disco that her SN school will be running. It’s only for an hour and reasonably early, the first one they’ve run in years.

Nope, she was excited because Thursday means it’s nearly Friday!

I hope she enjoys the disco. She has veered between looking forward to it and getting extremely anxious. Like anything new, it could go either way and there is the added element of that she’ll have been home, had tea and instead of starting the evening routine, we’ll be going back to school.

She’s had a good day at school, as had T.

He had Food Tech today (Home Economics as was) and brought home a fruit crumble that he’d made this morning.


It looks a bit “rustic” because it spent the whole day vertically in his school bag, but at least it didn’t spill. That would have been a tad disastrous and for a boy who doesn’t like any markings, tears or spills on his books or possessions, really quite yuck.

Another day closer to half term, yes, we are definitely counting down!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


Small Steps Amazing Achievements – Weds 22nd Oct 2014

Welcome to this week’s Small Steps Amazing Achievements, as Jane at @ethansescapades and I co-host fortnightly, this week it’s my turn.

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week, we enjoyed reading your posts.

If this is your first time reading this, you can find out about the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky here, we do hope you join in. Posts can be old or new and please don’t forget to visit and comment on other posts too.

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Jane and I enjoy reading and commenting on your posts and sharing them via the #SSAmazingAchievements hashtag.

Here are Jane’s highlights from last week:

“We have a very proud mum over at @SarahMo3W, her son passed the grammar school entrance exam

We have a new vice house captain over at @TheBeesleyBuzz

and lastly one little lady has made amazing progress with her swimming at @stephc007.

We always find it difficult to choose a few to highlight as the posts linked up are always so wonderfully varied, but you can read them all here.

We can’t wait to read what your children have achieved this week.

She said Stop It – Tues 21st Oct 2014

Yesterday’s blog referred to something that D had mentioned, that someone had touched her inappropriately twice.

I didn’t go into – and won’t be going into massive – detail to protect the individuals but let’s just say I knew it was something that needed to be raised with school this morning.

Which I did.

They have acted extremely quickly today, talking to D, talking to the other child, talking to parents and then updating me, all before the end of school today.

It transpired that whilst there had indeed been an incident, the intent wasn’t what it could have been. Which is a relief.

There has been an alert form completed and if similar happens again, the form will be referred to.

Regular readers of my blogs will be aware that D lacks confidence when it comes to dealing with any issues that could be classed as confrontational/anything that she perceives could “get her into trouble”. She would bottle up any negative emotions and then let them flood out as soon as she saw me, then tell me about it. She still does this, over what could be perceived at the mildest things


Yesterday she told the other child to stop it, after it happened the second time. She knew that it was wrong.

I’m very proud of her.

Obviously it would have been even better if D had told a staff member as soon as it happened, this is something that still needs to be worked on, to get that confidence increased but I am relieved that she had the perception to say “stop” and that she told me, albeit a good few hours later.

I’m grateful that the school listened and acted on it today too.

House Captain

A few weeks ago, D decided that she’d like to be put forward for House Captain.

This was amazing in itself and proof (if anymore were needed) that she is completely in the right environment for her, in her SN school.

We talked about what she might have to do and she was especially pleased at the thought that she might have to help to hand out medals on Sports Day. She does love to receive medals – just like her brother – and can get very caught up in the competitive element of the day, so for her to say she wanted to help is a big thing.

We designed a campaign poster whilst she was off school for a few days after her trike fall and we took it into school when she returned, having missed the deadline but hoped they’d understand.

D wrote her reasons for wanting to be elected on the back:

Election Day came and D was absolutely delighted that she was allowed to vote for herself!

And then we waited…one week (and assembly) passed with no news…..and then last Friday I collected a beaming D, who said she had “amazing news”.

We got outside school and she gave a huge ear-piercing squeal and said that she had been elected House Captain!

One very happy girl, now we are waiting for one of these to arrive:


Delighted for her and a teensy (well, okay a lot) bit proud of her too.

Averted – Mon 20th Oct 2014

One of the aspects I most admire about T’s character (our nearly 12 year old high functioning autistic son) is his drive and determination to do his best.

This will sometimes mean that he’ll do things over and over, until he’s satisfied, whereas I’d be saying “stuff this” and move on to something else.

But the downside to this is that he takes either opinions which differ from his or (what he perceives as) criticism very badly. He’s not able to instantly brush something aside and move on, this does concern us as he travels through secondary school and it’s one of the reasons why we are relieved he has a diagnosis, in the hope that others may be understanding.

Today didn’t start well. T had prepared his school bag but had packed it as a “week 1″ and not “week 2″, which meant that all his books had to be quickly changed over. It also meant that his PE kit was incorrect, as he’d assumed it was outdoor (for week 1) as opposed to indoor (for week 2). The latter wasn’t ready (or dry) so he had to head off with the wrong top.

This didn’t make for a happy T, in fact it was a very unhappy T that left the house. Cross with himself, cross with me and extremely worried that he’d either get told off, get a “sin mark” or a detention (the newbies are threatened with detention for the strangest things, like not wearing a jumper in class even if it’s really warm). Poor T. One consolation was that he heard me leaving a phone message for school explaining what had happened and that he was very anxious about the situation, so he knew that the PE teacher should hopefully be aware.

It hasn’t made for a terribly worry-free day, wondering if he’d be ok, hoping he would be and crossing my fingers that he wouldn’t be furious with me when he got off the school coach and take it out on D, as he tends to.

Luckily….phew…he was smiling his little smile. It had all been fine with the PE teacher, he’d got the message.

Lessons learnt for both of us, one that whilst it’s good that T is now happy to pack his school bag himself, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I double-checked it. It would certainly save the angst of this morning.

D has had a reasonable start to the week, she wasn’t happy at home time, she whizzed straight past me unhappy, but told me what was wrong once we were outside. Another child had been touching her and she wasn’t happy BUT she did stand up for herself and tell them to stop, which they did. Although there was still the “I’m upset so I’m going to bolt past Mumma”, she did tell me and was confident/cross enough to tell the child to stop, which is progress.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


A bit cross – Sun 19th Oct 2014

Sunday’s are dominated by homework in the Bluecrisps household. T, not wishing to complete it during the week, preferring to get it down in one go.

I say “one go” but it does take a while.

Whilst I completely understand T’s reasoning behind this – he does have a long day – it means that we’re limited to being at home. There are also always issues between the amount of homework that T has, compared to D. She has “News” to write and reading.

It can make for a glowering T at the table, books around him, muttering away because of this variance.

But there have been giggly moments, times in which they’ve been competing against each other on the cross trainer. T especially trying to out-do his sister on both pace and calories. This is where his football training and running around fields all day on Saturdays is very nigh in evident. But, it was a good break between homework and they willingly (ish) took turns.

If we had to be in for homework, it was a good way of keeping energy levels up.

Half term is in sight, with one week to go. I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx