Relaxed – Sat 28th Feb 2015

Last day of February and D and I have had a good day, a day spent at Thames Valley Adventure Playground, the most wonderfully inclusive playground.

D loves it there, she sometimes goes with school but today we headed there for a birthday party, for one of her classmates.

The journey there was quite hectic, a train into town, a dash to a platform, with D refusing to use any escalators and then just making the connecting train.  Then there was the “fun” of negotiating all the suitcases in the aisles.  D did extremely well, despite the fact she hated the “beep, beep, beep” alert of the doors closing, really hated it.

I surprised her with a new Rainbow Fairies book to read so that occupied her for the journey.

And then there was another walk, getting over a horribly busy road and then we were there!

The adventure playground is fantastic, it’s a place where SN children and their families can relax, knowing that there’ll be no stares, whispers or comments.  The children are all so relaxed there and there’s heaps to do outdoors too.

This was D on the zip wire, she loved it (as you can probably tell from her expression)! There was a lot of bouncing, a lot of laughing and I had a go too!

And we’re back there in a few weeks for another birthday party, great stuff!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

Topsy Turvy – Fri 27th Feb 2015

As the title suggests, it’s been a “bit of a day”, plenty of ups and downs, to put it mildly.

Stomping started the day for D, lots of it. Stomp-stomp-stomp, up and down the stairs, all around the house.  She wasn’t happy at all.

We left for our walk to school, still stomps-aplenty and then she relaxed, we listened to the birds, we saw some nests, her mood definitely lifted and she even suggested that Bunny had a day with me (very, very rare).  D went up to class and we (Bunny and I) waved her off.

Here’s what we did:

Bunny played “hide and seek” in the Easter aisle:

Waited at the checkout with the red apples that D prefers and other bits:

Coffee time!

And waiting for D at the end of the school day:

All seemed fine until we all got home and T and D squabbled and annoyed each other.  So much so that our usual happy Friday tea-time was anything but.  No “best or worst bits of the week” even attempted, D too occupied with either crying or refusals.  She loves her Friday tea and gets so excited about it usually, but tonight it was a different matter.

Fast forward and she’s in a completely changed mood, playing with bubbles at b a t h time, looking forward to the birthday party she’s going to tomorrow, laughing and happy.

It’s all been a bit tiring.  From one extreme to the other and I guess not totally surprising as she has had a challenging week at school, next week we’ll share our “best bits” I’m sure.

Bunny had a good day anyway, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

Progress – My #WOTW and #R2BC

Image above from, I think it’s wonderful.

Progress is indeed our word to sum up this week and here’s why (the Reasons To Be Cheerful bit):

1.  An upgrade

For months Mr Bluecrisps has been due an upgrade on his phone, the company would phone up incessantly, offer enhanced rates and then not reply to emails.  

His old phone was a bit vintage, apparently, (from 2011) and because Mr BC is a painter, any new phone had to be as dustproof and waterproof as possible (no apple products then).

We decided on one, after a LOT of research and it arrived.  A smartphone.  Something Mr BC occasionally dabbles with, with my phone but this was a different make and totally different from his old traditional-type mobile.

There was frustration (on his part), there was annoyance (on mine, with his frustration and not accepting that as with anything new, it takes time to get used to everything). 

Number now transferred, his football email set up and he’s happily been browsing, reading emails and getting used to sending texts in a totally new way for him.

Definite progress and as he was totally rejecting the darn thing yesterday, a relief!

2.  Parents Evening

After one 5-minute chat with T’s tutor since he started year 7, yesterday was a chance to speak to his subject teachers.

He’s doing very well, settling in and homework could be done more throughly apparently, but at least he’s doing it!

Very proud of him.

3.  Challenges

D’s had a bit of a challenging week at school, some days definitely better than others. Yesterday wasn’t such a good one.

But, positively, she’s been open to having little chats (albeit just with me) and has seemed calmer (ish) as a result.

4.  Magic Mirror?

All my walking and meeting the Fitbit daily challenge is paying off, I’m starting to see results.  Always a good incentive to keep going.

5.  Happy thoughts

I’ve started an online course designed to improve wellbeing and decrease anxiety.  It’s early days but every little bit of positivity and looking forwards, not backwards, helps.

I’m a bit of a “bottle things up” girl but since my initial doctor’s visit late last year, I’m discussing worries and stuff with Mr BC, things that I’d previously have tried to deal with myself – and not be able to.

All in all, a definite week for achieving things, fair bit of progress made too.

Bubbles – Weds 25th Feb 2015

Bubbles have helped D tonight, help her recover from quite a stressful day.

She’s laughed as she’s splashed with the bubbles, making herself a Santa beard and even putting some craft scissors to good use by “cutting” the bubbles and water.  All good fun.

Her day at school wasn’t the happiest, she took quite a while to tell me what was wrong and that was in stages.  There’s been tears, cuddles and lots of rocking with her, it all helps to calm her, to get that regulation back that she needs.

And, as always with D, once she’d managed to say what had been happening, she relaxed – emotionally and visibly – and it was time for bubbles, giggles and singing.  Good to have happy D back with us.

Best not to dwell on today, tomorrow is a new dawn etc, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx 

Don’t sweat the small stuff ..

Something I found myself saying to our food shopping delivery man, when he told me that bread, etc had been substituted.  His opening words were “you’re not going to like me today….”.

My response was quite simply “we don’t sweat the small stuff here, I have two autistic children”, from which he didn’t know what to say, so I laughed, so did he.

And it’s true.  Little things that might mean more, don’t, because there is always something else.

(I’m excusing myself from the WordPress-related strop I threw a while ago because the app was being silly).

Seriously though, when you’re given no expectations for your beautiful child, you worry like bil-e-o about her future and then she writes this:

Small stuff – like a substitute loaf or two – isn’t sweated.

Small Steps Amazing Achievements – Weds 25/2/15

Welcome to this week’s Small Steps Amazing Achievements, as Jane at @OurLitEscapades and I co-host fortnightly, this week it’s my turn (and next week too as Jane is having a well-deserved family holiday).
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Here are Jane’s highlights from last week:
“Last week we had two lovely progress updates from @mamamakedopush, Busby is 26 months old 

and over at @mummy_madness1, Little Bear is 15 months old

 @LystraMaisey has enjoyed a family meal out at the Little Chef

And @shiredad has shared Tilly’s Tale – a cute story about her Magic wand
We always find it difficult to choose a few to highlight as the posts linked up are always so wonderfully varied, but you can read them all here.
We can’t wait to read what your children have achieved this week.

Singing – Tues 24th Feb 2015

We’ve had a singing D tonight, she’s been singing “Jingle Bells”.

Yes, it’s February.  But I’d said to her she can sing the carols within the house whenever she wants.  Not when we’re out or when she’s at school, just in case she gets teased.  She likes the songs and loves to sing.  

It’s meant that she’s happy, happier than she’s been for a few days, because the routine is back, she’s back at school, as is T.

It’s something they both need, the routine.  The knowledge that it’s Tuesday so “this, this and this” will be happening.  The inset day for T yesterday really threw D and, coming on the back of a few challenging days for her (with gas men around and issues with metres), it made for a quite tiring time.  Speaking as her parent and seeing how it affected her too.

But today, all was well.  Back to the routine, back to it.  Back to the singing which tells us all that she’s happy and relaxed.  

It might continue, it might not.  It’s been nice to hear though.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

We Got There! – Mon 23rd Feb 2015

Yesterday’s blog was full of D’s angst and anxiety over the fact that she was back to school today, whilst T had an inset day.

I was prepared for a challenging start to our day, I wasn’t wrong.

There were tears, stomps and refusals before we even left the house. Poor Bunny was thrown a few times.

D normally holds my hand as we walk but today it was a fists-clenched angry walk from D, wanting cuddles to comfort her but refusing them (if that makes sense). All the while she was thinking of T and her displeasure, luckily he was with Hubbie as his presence would have made the walk worse.

I knew that once D got to school that the routine would kick in, there was finally (quite a huge cuddle) and off she went.

And it was a very nice walk at the end of the day. T was with Hubbie as him being at D’s school would have reminded her that he hadn’t been in. D and I walked home, hand in hand, she answered briefly questions about her day and she was okay, the earlier very tricky start to the day forgotten.

It would have been very different if she’d had her brother there to admonish her if she’d done something he didn’t agree with (most things).

It just goes to show that every day is different, we can never assume.

And guess what? We do it all again with T’s return to school (not a popular topic today).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


Inset looms – Sun 22nd Feb 2015

For D – and that has meant the rest of us – today has been dominated by one fact, that she returns to school tomorrow whilst T has an inset day.

This is causing her considerable angst whilst T has been delighted. Not easy to manage. D is very much in the “here and now” and, despite gentle reminders, has forgotten that she had two inset days after Christmas.

T takes the news that D has an inset day when they occur and he doesn’t just as badly btw.

For D today, there have been tears, refusals and attempts to hurt herself. She’ll be fine I’m sure tomorrow, once she’s back in the school day routine, however, it’s the change to the morning (ie. T will be around and walking with us) and the afternoon (if she has forgotten, once she sees T waiting with me, she’ll remember) that will be tricky.

Hopefully – everything crossed – he’ll make allowances for her feelings and at least we’ll get her into school relatively calm. Hopefully.


Unsettled – 20/21st Feb 2015

It was all going so well, the most relaxed and – dare I say it? – calmest few days that I can remember for T and D, ever.

Both happy in themselves, occasionally intermingling but tolerant of each other and that makes such a difference.

But, as the saying goes “all good things …etc” and yesterday they did. With some continued fall-out today.

To be fair, the unsettled aspect was expected but, as much as I could prepare D for it, it was still an extremely anxious and stressful time for her.

We were having the energy supply meters changed over and, although I could say to D that it would be between such-and-such a time and that there would be a time when a stranger would be in the house, there would be noise, smells and obviously we’d lose power for a while, she was still extremely agitated before, during and after.

Hubbie had taken T out for the afternoon yesterday as he can find it even harder to deal with the lack of clarification around timings.

Eventually it was done – or so we thought – but not before a very pale D had cried and attempted to meltdown.

And then we discovered a problem.

Today has meant over 1.5 hours on the phone, both hanging on and being passed from department to department and another visit from an engineer. Causing D the same issues as yesterday, if not more, because at least she knew in advance of yesterday’s stranger and disruption, today’s was unexpected.

The plug thing that emits a horrible shrill noise when the electricity is turned off and then back on again caused her the most angst today – primarily because she’d remembered its sound from yesterday.

The one bonus is that as it was necessary to call them out again today, T was at football and therefore none the wiser.

And – hopefully – that is it for a while. Some people might think “well, don’t schedule it for school holidays then” but I find that delays inevitably happen and, even though you might say “I need to be out at xxx for a school run”, it’s not necessarily taken into account.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx