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Our day in numbers #Prose4T

By | December 5, 2013

One, Two. Come on my pair of pickles, I love you. Three, Four. Time to rush out the door. Five, Six. Off to school, hope the lessons are a good mix. Seven, Eight. Phew! We’re not late. Nine, Ten. Kiss, hug, off you go then. Eleven, Twelve. Kids in their schools, I’m off to delve […]

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Singing Into My Hairbrush #Prose4T

By | November 21, 2013

Sometimes a piece of music can just transport you back, like a proverbial time machine. The music I’ve included at the end of today’s #Prose4T did just that. The words will, I hope explain: Singing into my hairbrush, imagining I’m a star. The bright lights and the music, I’ve dreams, I’m sure I’ll go far. […]

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Ode to Bunny #Prose4T

By | October 24, 2013

I wasn’t sure if I had a #Prose4T this week, I haven’t been well all week and the general feeling of yuck has affected my creative thinking. But then something happened this morning and I remembered just how important Bunny is to D, and a short poem flowed out: Not just a comforter, more than […]

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Choosing a secondary school #Prose4T

By | October 3, 2013

This week has been all about potential secondary schools for this little man: We’ve looked at prospectuses, been to Open Evenings and tours and listened to head teachers giving very eloquent and quite passionate speeches about the merits of their schools. For any child, it’s a big step, I still remember my first day at […]

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Words #Prose4T

By | September 12, 2013

I was walking along this afternoon, pushing D in her buggy when I heard one 12-year old call another the "r-word". This child was wearing the uniform of the secondary school near to D’s school so I presume they have been told about inclusion and words that are not appropriate. I haven’t been able to […]

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Goodbye Mr Pool #Prose4T

By | September 6, 2013

It’s September, the children are back at school and the News now has talk of energy prices, dropping temperatures and (yes, it’s 16 weeks away) Christmas. Today’s #Prose4T is about something that T and D have really enjoyed this summer, our frame pool, I’m letting the water out feeling a bit nostalgic this morning: Goodbye […]

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#ThisIsMyChild This is my D #Prose4T

By | August 22, 2013

This Is My Child This is my child, this is my D. A giggly bundle of fun, isn’t she? D has autism, an invisible disability, she’s prone to severe fears and anxiety. Sometimes she’ll meltdown, when circumstances overcome her, this can be in public and people will stare and whisper. It’s not her fault and […]

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A Hug #Prose4T

By | August 15, 2013

Hugs: A hug, a squeeze, it means so much, for my children, the gift of touch. A hug can calm, can soothe, can regulate. A hug may ease anxieties far quicker than something you can medicate. A hug for my girl, a hug for my boy. A hug to ease sorrow, a hug to reflect […]

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I’m a one-off #Prose4T

By | August 9, 2013

I’m linking up slightly late with #Prose4T at this week, with something I wrote a while ago. When I left school I had aspirations of a life in – where I perceived it was all happening – London. I didn’t make it there to live but did to work on two seperate occasions in […]

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A Sports Day medal #Prose4T

By | June 26, 2013

This was D yesterday morning, my nervous but excited girl, on the way to her school sports day. She’s at a special needs school due to her anxieties and autism, mainstream sports days just didn’t happen for her – unfamiliar/too many people, too much noise (from her perspective). We’d have the practice, the build-up, the […]

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