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Thursday 2nd August – double Olym-pig event

By | August 2, 2012

Over to T for details of today’s DOUBLE Olympig events: The piggies had a rest day yesterday so we had two events today. “Going through the tunnel” and “speed fruit eating”. Bungle was a clear winner in this and had a victory chomp of the side of the tunnel. Zippy was a winner in the […]

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Wednesday 1st August – puffle mountain

By | August 1, 2012

T’s bit first: The Olympigs are taking a day off meaning they are going to have double events tomorrow. Anyway, I created Puffle Mountain today (those cute toys from club penguin) and used it to have a bit of fun. Recently, we had brought “the apple” (day bed) so I decided to put two pillows […]

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Tuesday 31st July – CAMHS

By | July 31, 2012

Well, the appointment we’d been waiting for for over 7 months took place today, our CAMHS appointment for D. The hospital looked a lovely old Victorian building and then we followed the signs to CAMHS to a pre-fab hut! The walls were full of info sheets about autism, ADHD (I didn’t realise that Jamie Oliver […]

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Monday 30th July – “Olym-pigs” day 3

By | July 30, 2012

Over to our roving reporter, T aka Mr Pick: Olympigs- day 3 Today was the third day of the Olympigs with another disqualification but this time going to Bungle. It was “who could reach the highest up the cage for a carrot piece”. At the start, Bungle stepped onto the green step and then competed […]

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Sunday 29th July – “Olym-pigs day 2”

By | July 29, 2012

Over to T for details of today’s event: On day 2 of the Olympigs, Zippy grabbed the gold in “who can eat the cucumber the fastest” . After he had a slow start to it, Zippy switched on his power button (just kidding) and zoomed to bag top spot. Bungle looked likely to bag two […]

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Saturday 28th July – first “Olym-pig” event

By | July 28, 2012

The Olympigs- day 2- The sprint: The Olympigs started today at 1:50pm in the sprint arena. As the piggies geared up for the race, they came to the starting line and got ready. Zippy was disqualified for a false start in the sprint, meaning he’d get the bronze medal at the end of the race. […]

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Friday 27th July – “Olym-pigs” opening ceremony

By | July 27, 2012

*trumpet fanfare* ….. Olym-pigs Opening Ceremony and the countdown: (over to our roving reporter, T) Today we had the opening ceremony of the Olympigs with only one day to go until it really gets started. At the start of it we put two union jack flags on each side of the cage, then putting our […]

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The “Olym-pigs” torch relay – Guest Author 9year old T

By | July 26, 2012

The “Olym-pigs” torch relay – by our roving reporter T The “Olym- pigs” torch relay started today and ended today. The relay passed by different sections of our house with our guinea pig torch bearer (Bungle) ending an awesome event for guinea pigs. The relay started in our downstairs hall ending at the same place. […]

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