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The A-Z of me

By | April 13, 2013

I enjoy meme’s both from a reading-other-people’s answers and a what-would-I-say view point. Recently one popped into my email inbox from Donna at MummyCentral and it looked like it might be fun to join in with. No obligation for anyone else to join in, but if you do, leave a comment below and I’ll pop […]

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A Rant for Friday – Hacked!

By | January 25, 2013

My email got hacked overnight and since 4am this morning I’ve been receiving messages of non-delivery – the first indication I’d been hacked. I never click on dodgy-looking links in DMs or emails, a regular amount of email goes to “Junk” and “Junk” it indeed is: banks I don’t bank with telling me to click […]

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Coping strategies…not “growing out of Autism”

By | January 17, 2013

Sometimes an article is published that you read and think “did anyone actually research this properly?” and “oh dear, this really isn’t going to help”. Yesterday was such a time. An article published by BBC Health Children may “outgrow” Autism. (Click on the link to read) but below is a sample from the article: “While […]

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It’s Good To Talk…

By | December 9, 2012

Or tweet, text, blog, connect on Facebook … The death of Jacintha Saldanha was a shocking end to a “prank”, even more so was the way some elements of social media reacted to the news. “It’s only a mistake at work” said one tweet. Not many people can say that a “mistake” at work is […]

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Twitter and how it’s helped me – one year on

By | November 21, 2012

I can’t remember the exact date I joined Twitter but it was sometime after Children In Need last year (2011). My sister-in-law (bless her) was my first follower and up until then, I had only pottered around on it. Had a look to see what my favourite writer and singer were up to and that […]

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Spam, ham and rotten eggs

By | October 25, 2012

I try to clear out my “spam” folder at least once a week, it’s usually quite an experience. Comments which have nothing to do with what I’ve written about, links to all manner of “dodgy” sites – I never click on them, just wonder occasionally how they’ve found me. There was a spam comment a […]

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Realising something from my doodles

By | October 20, 2012

For as long as I can remember I’ve doodled the same sorts of things. Treble clefs have always been a favourite. I could fill a whole page with them. Large ones, small ones, some with very elaborate swirls, others quite small and simple. We have a blackboard wall in our hall and I can happily […]

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Looking beyond the outer shell…

By | September 21, 2012

I had a little jaunt into town today, forgetting it was….*drumroll please* new iPhone release day so there were hundreds of people queuing outside the Apple store. They’re probably still there now. At least there is a Starbucks kiosk nearby for refreshments, as well as the shopping centre security guards (yes really) making sure all […]

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You’re a lucky little girl….

By | August 30, 2012

I was always told this from an early age…literally had it drummed into me. I was born six weeks premature, which would be a worry these days, let alone then. A child born on the same day as me, with a similar prematurity, was found to be brain-damaged. I think I was told his parents […]

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Squabbles & a kind moment

By | August 8, 2012

Grrr, this book causes squabbles amongst T and D: It shouldn’t do, but it does. T likes to take it with him when we go out, D will see it, want to read it and that’s when the squabbling starts. At home, she’ll ask if she can start reading it, he’ll begrudging say yes and […]

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