Introducing D to classic children’s stories with Wordsworth Editions

I’ve mentioned before how pleased I am that D shares my love of reading, it not only serves to calm her if she’s feeling stressed (she will always have at least 3 books in her bag if we go out) but it also introduces her to imagination and provides communication prompts around the stories and the characters.

It also gives me a chance to tell D about when I’d go and stay with my grandparents in the school holidays and avidly read the books in their collection, some dating back from when my grandparents were children. Obviously there weren’t mobile phones or tablets then so it was either a walk along the beach or a read, weather dependent!

To date, D has mostly favoured books by Enid Blyton, but there comes a point when the (for example) school days series stop and I feel that she could enjoy the classical stories that I did.

I was therefore really pleased when Wordsworth Editions sent us their Collector’s Edition series of classical stories to take a lot at.

They are wonderful!

As you’ll see from the first picture above, there are 12 books in the series, all in hardback form (we both much prefer books to electronic format) and beautifully illustrated on the front, back and on the spine.

There are also illustrations in some of the stories too, my favourite character from “Alice In Wonderland” has always been the Cheshire Cat:

Part of me wants to show these to D right away, to find out what she thinks of the stories, but we’ll be popping these under the tree for her, to read at her own pace.

I can’t wait for snuggly post-Christmas afternoons, onesie time and D with the book of her choice.

More details of the books and where to buy them can be found here, what’s your favourite childhood read?

Disclosure: we were sent the books to review, our thoughts and words are our own.