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Meet the Bunnies! 

By | August 16, 2018

For as long as we can remember, bunnies have been very important to D. Her faithful and much-loved companion is Bunny, Bunny spent much of D’s life either held by her ears or tucked under D’s armpit which she ate/drew or needed to concentrate.  Bunny went on school trips, nestled inside a pocket on outings […]

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Delving.. Tues 19th Nov 2013

By | November 19, 2013

After the realisation yesterday that T’s school appear to be ignoring his autism diagnosis, post here: Frustrated and a bit furious! Mon 18th Nov 2013 Ready to roar and protect my young (ie. T and D). I’m absolutely furious with T’s school. The standard data collection sheet has come home for checking and there is […]

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Snuggly Friday 15th Nov 2013

By | November 15, 2013

This was D outside her school grounds this morning. All snuggled up in her bunny onesie and looking forward to the day. Her main excitement was that the onesie had a pocket in and she was going to keep Bunny in it – and therefore close to her – all day. Her school had arranged […]

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If you’re happy and you know it… Mon 11th Nov 2013

By | November 11, 2013

…clap your hands, stamp your feet or, in D’s case: squeeeze your Mumma and bounce around, a lot! D has had a really positive day, she had a school trip today and it mentioned in the letter that the children could take things to occupy themselves on the journey. D choose a book, some paper, […]

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Poor Bunny (and poor D) Sun 15th Sept 2013

By | September 15, 2013

As with so much of our life, things need to be planned in advance, never more so than the washing of D’s comforter and anxiety soother – Bunny (or @AutismBunny). Bunny goes everywhere with D and is constantly within reach, if not in her hands. If D is drawing, Bunny sits between her arm and […]

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Snuggles! Sat 10th August 2013

By | August 10, 2013

If there was one picture that summed up our day, it would be this: This is D, some time after she’d fallen up our back step. She was angry before it happened – hence her distraction – and the fall just made her angrier. This made establishing whether she was hurt difficult because she went […]

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“Hug Me Mumma” Weds 31st July 2013

By | July 31, 2013

Again, like yesterday, those three words above sum up our day. D was very upset this morning about something which I blogged and I’ve replicated it below: If I take a picture of D, you can more-or-less guarantee it will include Bunny. Bunny is her calming tool, her anxiety reliever. Bunny goes everywhere with her, […]

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Bunny takes over the blog!

By | March 26, 2013

Psst! It’s me, Bunny. Don’t tell her…that Mumma woman, I’ve snuck on because I.Am.Cross. (That’s me looking cross by the way) I am D’s comforter, her anxiety tool, her best toy ever. Go on, ask her who is her favourite toy and she will say me, guaranteed. We go everywhere together; D moves to another […]

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