S is for.. you!

By | June 20, 2021

You are loved, you are many things and so are the initials in your name.

S….You are:

My SOULMATE, quite often we’ll finish each other’s sentences, phone each other at the same time and know exactly what one another is thinking.

You’re also SILLY, not in a bad way but a funny way, humour has got us through the last couple of extremely challenging years and will continue to do so. We can go from a “grrr, I’m really not happy with you right now” to a “I am going to burst with laughter in a minute” and back again, just as fast, but hey, that’s how we roll.

You’re also SWEET, according to D and you are.

The letter T….You are:

TRUE to yourself. You call spade a spade, as the saying goes. If you like something you say so and if you don’t, you also do. I could include Stubborn above too, but this could mean an eyeroll and a “pot, kettle, black” moment …it has, hasn’t it!!

You’re also TENACIOUS, similar to above. Persistent in both home and work matters, it’s a positive.

There’s another T at the end of your name, so let’s head to U,

The letter U, You are:

UNDERSTANDING. Flipping heck, everything we’ve gone through around my feet (and there’s loads I haven’t put online). You’ve been there with a cuddle when it’s all got a bit much and again, humour has definitely helped.

UNCONDITIONAL is also another word to describe you, unconditional in your love for me and our children, unconditional in your love for your late parents.

UNCOMPLICATED, a bit like True, a spade is a spade to you.

The letter A, You are:

ADVENTUROUS, you had your around-the-world travels before you met me and, as if by fate, you were ready for the whirlwind that was us getting together. That was an adventure in itself.

APPRECIATIVE, you appreciate the challenges that our young adults face and the challenges that my feet (and now hips) have left me with.

You aren’t afraid to be ASSERTIVE, when need be, whether in a work or home situation, rather than replay a potential situation over and over, you go for it.

Now onto the letter R, You are:

ROMANTIC, remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other relevant dates. You know the flowers I love (pink lilies) and ones I really, really don’t like. Do you remember the year we both bought the same Valentine card for each other, much to our amusement and that was before Covid restrictions when there was many more cards to choose from… soulmates!

You are also RESPONSIVE, not always when football is on but otherwise.

And REGULAR, yes I do mean what you think it means but also, RELIABLE, there for us when needed.

And back to the letter T again, You are:

TOLERANT, that’s a must in any family, but something that’s been much-needed in recent times.

And to end on a mushy note, you are TENDER, you are TASTEFUL (you married me, after all) and we are TOGETHER.

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