Crafting helps – Day 87

By | March 28, 2021

The one disadvantage to D having her weekly flute lesson on a Saturday is that her weekend is shorter and, when her anxieties start about the return to school on a Monday, it gets even shorter.

Poor D, when she gets anxious over school, there’s nothing I can sure to re-assure her, skipping up and down our garden path helps, she skips continually back and forth, her face emotionless and eyes fixed forward.

Hubbie and I were thinking over lockdown…D started at her SN school just before her 6th birthday, she’ll be 17 this year. That’s a long time, a lifetime even, for her to get used to her school, the staff and the routines. But still she gets anxious.

As well as skipping and being in the garden, drawing helps, the challenge of deciding what to draw and it’s placement on the page, diverts her mind. Much like crochet does for me.

I asked her draw a robin for me, knowing that as it’s her favourite garden bird, the task would be calming.

Here’s the result, it’s lovely and so detailed and it’s helped her. Tomorrow is another day.

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