Autism With Lola – A Special Offer

By | October 9, 2019

When D was diagnosed with autism at age 4.5, I had an immense need to find out as much as I could about autism, I still do, I don’t think I will ever stop learning.

It felt quite a lonely time, I hadn’t joined social media and really really wanted to find other parents/carers to speak to them as I instinctively felt that their experiences would help me and D by being around people who “got” the challenges and share the highlights that our children bring.

A few years (and grey hairs!) later, I joined Twitter and was delighted to discover that, by using hashtags, I could search for parents/carers/autistic individuals and connect with them. Through their blogs and posts I could read that, no matter where they were located in the world, they were there for advice, for chats or a virtual fist bump. I find a “tribe”, if you like.

One member of the “tribe” has taken her need to generate autism awareness and acceptance a much-needed step further is Jodie, the author of Autism with Lola, Playing With Bourbon Badger and she very kindly sent me her book, activity book and Lola bunny for me to share with D and review.

My first impressions of the story book and activity book are that they are very calming, both in the colours used for the cover, the story and the lovely illustrations.

The story is a very familiar one, Lola (the bunny) is enjoying painting, so much so that she is completely overwhelmed by the noise that a tidy-up instruction before playtime brings.

At playtime, Lola is alone and unhappy, she is scared and worried until Bourbon Badger comes to the rescue.

Lola’s autism is described in the book in a way that children will understand and hopefully empathise with.

The back pages of the book has advice from an occupational therapist and speech pathologist with questions that could be asked in a classroom situation to further understanding, as well as discussion topics and strategies.

The activity book is designed to help children understand what it feels like to be autistic, with varying activities from word searches, emotions, drawing activities and colouring.

I can see that D would enjoy the activity book too, making her realise that the sensory overload and emotions she feels at times are felt by Lola too.

Lola Bunny herself is gorgeous! A soft plush toy with any labels firmly hidden away. Her large ears are so soft to the touch and can you spot what she has in her paw? Her ear defenders! I also love Lola’s cute little smile.

There is currently a special offer on the bundle of story book, activity book and Lola bunny, the offer can be found here.

Disclosure: we were sent the story book, activity book and toy for the purpose of this review, my words and views are my own.

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