Wellbeing, poppies and a request from me #BAPs

By | November 15, 2018

We all have differing ways of coping with whatever life throws at us, don’t we? Little strategies that help, whether it be something that can be dipped in and out of, or a specific.

For D, it’s her Art, it always has been, I love how, with a few strokes of a pencil, her picture takes shape and (proud mum moment here), she has started an Art GCSE course at her SN school. Her drawings are always positive too, mostly with a nature slant and incredibly detailed, below is one she made whilst I was in for my April operation:

For me, it’s my crochet habit, I’ve mentioned before how the fact that you have to concentrate on the stitches and the gentle way that something really pretty can be created from a hook and a bit of yarn really relaxes me, takes me away from the thoughts buzzing around in my head .

It produces nice results too, apart from when D requests a slug!

The past few weeks have been taken up with making crochet Poppies and selling them in D’s SN school and our local Costa.

They were sold on behalf of a crochet group I attend, all proceeds go to the Poppy Appeal and my sales totalled £301.60, which I am absolutely delighted about, that my little hobby can help in some way.

The picture above is from one of the staff at D’s school, her horse proudly wearing his poppy on his bridle, wonderful!

Once I have all the “foot stuff” rectified, I’d love to try out Yoga or Pilates but at the moment I can average 3 hours sleep some nights (due to aforementioned “stuff”) so that will be another wellbeing tool to look forward to.

One consequence of the foot operations is that I haven’t been able to attend the first two BAPs events, which are the blogging awards specifically for the SEN community – there are quite a few of us around!

With blogging in general, I can never quite see where my blog fits in, yes I’m a parent blogger but with a difference, my instagram isn’t full of happy trips out because of anxieties and as D has a set list of foods she’ll eat, we don’t do foodie pictures either.

With the BAPs, I can see where I fit in, there is a “Wellbeing” category which would suit me fine!

The link is here and whilst I can’t promise cake, I would absolutely love a nomination before tomorrow evening please!

The form will ask for my URL, which is http://AutismMumma.com and my email address, autismmumma@aol.com.

I will admit that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat through my “foot stuff” but I think I’m getting there and as Howard Jones would say “Things can only get better!”

Thanks x

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