Why are manners disappearing from our Society?

By | October 1, 2018

It’s something I’ve been wondering over the last few weeks/months, why some people seem not to have any manners anymore.

I’m talking about basic manners, a “thank you” if a door is held open or a smile always makes someone feel appreciated doesn’t it? 

But there doesn’t seem to be any of that, an “excuse me” if you have to get past somebody would be nice, instead of just shoving through; a “thank you” to the cashier after you’ve finished (that one can be lacking in two way) and if you get told “enjoy your day” or asked “how are you?”, pay it forward and ask back, how someone is.  It’s not difficult.

Here’s a few examples we’ve experienced recently:

In MaccyD’s, someone picked up the chair at our table. No “excuse me, can I take this?” Just took it.

D regularly holds doors open when we leave Costa for others to pass through, she’ll get a smile and a “thank you” half the time.  This is when I feel for her, she’s a lovely, polite young lady and she’s fast growing up in a Society where people don’t seem to acknowledge others, let alone care.

Manners cost nothing.  

And this one really took me aback,  a SN staff member looked right through me today when I smiled and said “hello”.  They taught D for two years! Granted it wasn’t in school and maybe they felt I’d exchange in conversation but…. it is obviously just a job.


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