My Scheepjes Whirl Hexagon cardigan – tah dah!! @scheepjes

By | October 21, 2018

Occasionally my crochet and autism pages collide, they’re bound to as crochet helps my wellbeing so much, both from a parenting and a post foot operation complications viewpoint.

One particular pattern has been my go-to for cardigans made in chunky, super chunky, double knit yarns and now in a Scheepjes Whirl.

If you haven’t heard of Scheepjes Whirls before, they are 1000m of loveliness! Similar to 4ply but it’s the subtle colour-changing aspect that made these so, so wonderful to use.

Just look at these colours 😍

So, I thought I’d combine the Whirl with the Hexagon cardigan (pattern here) to see how I got on.  The Whirls I choose (one for each side) were Woolly Whirls in Sugar Sizzle.

I’m a tight crocheter apparently, so used a 3.5mm hook.  The beauty of this pattern is that the cardigan is made in two halves, working from the under arm out and you then simply sew the halves together along the back seam and the top seam, the pattern does the rest.  Also, the pattern can be made as large or small as you wish, just make sure you finish on the same row number! 

Each half of the cardigan took a week to make and here’s some progress pictures: 

A teeny mouse-sized start!  
Reaching that first proper colour change:  
 First side done with a tiny bit left over! 
When both sides were finished, it was button shopping time, I found these in John Lewis which complement the greens and purples in the Whirl beautifully:  
And the finished and blocked cardigan:

The front:  
The back, the vertical line down the middle is where the two sides meet:

And showing off those fab colour changes:

I have plans to make another one or two as they are so lovely as well as child-sized ones in DK to go into my crochet page’s shop.  The link to my page if anyone would like to visit and give me a like/follow, is a click here.

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