Me And My Inner Princess 

By | October 21, 2018

Have I ever mentioned how much I love going to Windsor?

We’re about half an hour away by train and, as the little two carriage shuttle train from Slough pulls in (runs every ten minutes) I always have a little surge of excitement as I see Windsor Castle come into view from the windows, there’s no escaping it, the town seems to be built around the castle after all!

I guess it’s my childhood inner Princess bursting out and after the two Royal weddings held there this year, I can imagine the town has been absolutely be-decked in bunting.

Windsor is very proud of its Royal connections, of course there is an element of souvenir shops, which hilariously sell waving Mr Bean figures right alongside those of our Queen and there are also a fair amount of tea cloths, commemorative crockery and slogan baseball caps.

The shops nearest to the Castle cater mostly for touristy bits and little tea shops but venture further down one of the many side streets and you’ll find the usual High Street chain stores, the difference being that there will invariably be a flag or bunting outside.

But back to my childhood Princess leanings for a moment, which have been topped up quite nicely by the two Royal Weddings this year, both managing to generate the pomp of such an occasion, but also at times, feeling very intimate with the joining of two people who are in love.

Because that’s what a wedding comes down to, isn’t it? The bride and groom/groom and groom/bride and bride. Two people pledging their love for each other will mean the same, however large or small the congregation or the venue is and of course, the majority don’t have the added pressure of dress analysis, tv cameras and a world-wide audience!

If we’re talking dresses by the way, I much preferred Eugenie’s, the classic lines suited her very well and the fact she celebrated her scoliosis scars as opposed to hiding them must have been a great boost to others affected by the condition.

(I did have one objection to both events though, in these budget-conscious times, that the bill for policing both events was huge and should have been met by the Royal Family and not tax payers, i doubt any of the Windsor roads on both carriage routes had any potholes in either!)

As the “big day” should be purely about the happy couple, the venue shouldn’t really make too much of a difference – unless you do have the pressures of the afore-mentioned worldwide tv audience (!) and the vows made will mean just as much said in a Bijou Weddings setting as those promised in a castle chapel!

We are very lucky in Berkshire and bordering Surrey and Hampshire to have many potential large and smaller venues for ceremonies, some offering a historical backdrop, others are more modern, all having great photo opportunities. 

Oh well, I’d better confine my Princess leanings towards these, quick and easy to make and a lot more durable!! 


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