Meet the Bunnies! 

By | August 16, 2018

For as long as we can remember, bunnies have been very important to D.

Her faithful and much-loved companion is Bunny, Bunny spent much of D’s life either held by her ears or tucked under D’s armpit which she ate/drew or needed to concentrate.  Bunny went on school trips, nestled inside a pocket on outings and has always been a non-judgemental, cuddly companion.

Bunny looks a tad “warm” in the photo above, this is because Bunny has had numerous operations to plump her up and reinforce her and she’s been stitched into her hat to – fingers crossed – ensure her (very weak) neck doesn’t give way.

Birthdays and Christmas have always seen bunny-related gifts but the one present that D has always wished for are real-life bunnies, a wish which increased as we said goodbye to the last of our guinea pigs two summers ago, but I then headed into foot operation territory and it’s only now, after three of the procedures, that we were able to think that, maybe, 2018 would be the year!

As D’s birthday was only four weeks after my latest foot operation in April, we told her that yes, there would be bunnies but they would be after her birthday and that she should start thinking about names.

The hutch and run arrived in the meantime and they were perfect! D had to give the hutch a try for size and I guess this demonstrates how sturdy it is!
So, we were all set to head off and see if we could get the bunnies one Sunday and then…by a sheer fluke I was bitten by one of our cats whilst  she was fitting and we instead spent the day in two A&E departments being treated.

So, the weekend came and went and I had to have a bite check-up two days later (all was fine) and we decided – whilst D was at school – to see if we could get the bunnies as a surprise for her at the end of the day, especially as the weekend had been a “bit” disappointing, what with the bite severely changing plans.

You can see from the top picture, that one was very eager to be chosen!

There they are,below, in their new home, waiting for D.

D was absolutely over-the-moon to meet them and it took her a while to name them as she wanted gemstone names but…


Meet Jett, a bunny with the biggest ears and a passion for t-shirt nibbling!  He loves cuddles and is very partial to strawberry leaves.



Jasper! He’s a very inquisitive bunny, not a t-shirt nibbler like his brother but prone to sudden energetic bounds around his hutch and run, whilst Jett watches!
One of the provisos of having the bunnies was that D would help to look after them and she does indeed, choosing the veggies for their snacks and filling their water, hay and food bowls as we tuck them in for the night.

Both have been micro-chipped and we learnt from their records that they were born a few days before D’s birthday in May, which she loved to learn about.

In fact, they’re three months old today and have grown somewhat since we got them six weeks ago.

Happy quarter-birthday Boys!! 

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