Be Brave, Be You #BeMoreWitWitWoo

By | July 21, 2018

I entered the blogging world a few years back, primarily to reach out to other parents of autistic children, after reading their experiences and empathising with them.

But then two things happened: 

1.  I found I enjoyed blogging, it helped me to “blog it out” when I felt overcome by fear/anxiety/helplessness at situations where my children seemed to be regarded as numbers on a budget sheet rather than the individuals they are 

and 2. I made blogging friends.  It might not matter that I might never ever meet them, due to geographical locations but knowing that there was someone, somewhere to offer a friendly word of advice/send a GIF/just be there and that has been invaluable, especially over the last couple of “feet” years.  The times I have met bloggers in person has been huggablely wonderful! 

On Monday, that blogging world felt shocked and saddened at the death of Kate at  witwitwoo, how could it be that such a vibrant lady, who always brightened up timelines could be gone, so suddenly? I changed my FB profile picture to an image which just summed up Kate and all she represented perfectly:

and the hashtag #BeMoreWitWitWoo has been lovely to follow, both as a tribute to Kate and seeing others being brave and taking themselves right out of their comfort zone.

Today has been #SwimSuitSaturday in tribute to Kate and, I’m making no excuses that there isn’t a picture from me other than I do not have the confidence to join in and I have no idea where my swimsuit is, isn’t that bad?!? That’s what two years of “feet” do for you!

So, I’m joining in with the picture below, which is a bit of a big thing for me.
My feet, after three foot operations since October 2016, in fitflops too. 

They are scarred and swollen and I’m more happy with one than the other but they now do what they’re meant to and that’s a positive.

They’re also on a scooter as D and I went to her SN golf session via two buses and a lot of scootering!  I can’t imagine my doing this previously, but we did it today (and yes, they now hurt!).

But back to my reason for writing this post, Kate leaves behind two sons and I cannot imagine how absolutely devastated they are feeling now, but there is a funeral fundraising link here if anyone would like to donate and help them. 

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