Noisy Kids with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

By | June 8, 2018

There’s a few things that D and I share a love of and one of them is music.

Whether it’s listening to it (if she’s in the right mood), singing along (ditto) or playing it.  She has the opportunity to have flute lessons at her SN school and is doing very well with them.

When you think about it, learning an instrument is quite tricky, you have to know the position of the notes, how to read music and the timings between the notes.  All quite complicated!

D also plays in the school band and we’ve had the timetable through today for Proms Week at her school, which is always absolutely amazing, it’s a week-long event the whole school gets involved in and is both humbling and pride-inducing.

Last week, it being half term, we had the opportunity to see The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in action at the theatre in town.  You might think of the RPO are being straight-laced, suited and stuffy, they are absolutely anything but, with sessions arranged especially for children to enjoy and interact with.

One of my favourite CD releases over the last few months has been Orchestrated by Midge Ure – which is a selection of his and Ultravox songs accompanied by a full Orchestra, post to follow – so to see all the components of the RPO playing together, in perfect synergy was amazing.
There were pieces that you’d associate with the ocean and a couple that you wouldn’t at first, but it was all made a lot of fun and absolutely the perfect way to introduce children to the wonderful sounds that a full orchestra can produce.

We weren’t asked to write this, nor did we receive free tickets, but I wanted to share as it was such a fun experience.

In our programme, it mentioned that the RPO would be back in 2019 with a superheroes and villians show, we’ll be there!

For more information on the RPO click here.

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