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By | June 16, 2018

I can’t remember the last time I summed up our week in a word, probably because our weeks since last August have been changeable and, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you’ll know that routine and planning is key when living with autism.

This week though, a word has shone out!

It could have been “pedal” as I got back onto my bike on Monday, having been given clearance to at my post-op and pin removal (ouch!) appointment, last week.

I was scared at first, frightened to put either the left foot down (operated on April 2018) or the right one (August 2017) but it went okay albeit only being out for about an hour.  After weeks of being immobile, it was lovely.

(Both feet blooming hurt on Monday night and Tuesday though, so much so that I had to abandon plans *sad face*)

And this is where Box 1 comes in…

After my both-feet op in Oct 2016, D made me a box, it was primarily to stop Itsey (silly house cat) going anywhere near my tootsies but it also has been in use ever since my last check-up as my left foot does not like to be covered at night, at all!  D decorated it to lift my spirits after operation 1 and it’s still working after op 3.

So, afore-mentioned tootsies pop inside there at night and they’re happy! Although Itsey is now sleeping on top of the box, bless her! 

And Box 2 came via Amazon, much to Bitsey’s delight.  We buy T’s weetabix from there under the “subscribe and save” scheme as, due to his limited diet, we go through masses.

Bitsey has claimed it as her own:

If we can’t find her, she’ll be in the box.  

If I bring it indoors if it rains, she’ll pop inside it in the kitchen and then, once it’s put outside again, she’s straight in there.  

She occasionally has an argument with a cardboard corner or chases a leaf around it but then, it’s back to the box and the good thing is, she’ll get a new one every month!  

Weirdly I did joke with Hubbie a couple of weeks ago that we should get her a kennel!

D has been extremely unsettled this week, a few of the pupils have been at a residential so the timetables have been well and truly affected.  She’s had PE on days when she wouldn’t and she absolutely loves her flute lessons on Fridays, which due to changes didn’t happen (we pay for those too, grr).

This morning was particularly angst-filled, with plenty of tears from our pale-faced girl, a Costa was definitely needed, during which I marvelled at the fact I had matching shoes on after weeks of a surgical shoe and yep, worried a bit (okay, a lot) about our girl.  If those ankles look unnaturally pale, it’s because I’ve been told not to get sun on my feet at all, due to the new scars.

There’s also been tears at bedtime, poor D.  Next week brings sports day on Tuesday and hopefully, things will get a little bit more time-tabled after that, fingers crossed.

How’s your week been? 

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