D’s birthday and the purple Koala 

By | May 21, 2018

Our D was 14 yesterday, can you believe it?! 

It was a day in which plans which had been made were changed and, although the morning had started early and angst-filled, ended happily, thanks in part to this little Koala (or Violet as D has named her):


We had planned to go to the cinema, D had chosen to see “The Greatest Showman” as her birthday treat but – after a time in which she got very, very upset and anxious at the thought of the cinema being busy and the fact she said her brain felt “messed up after hard school work” – we opted for this instead:

A visit to “Pets At Home” as, once her main birthday present of a hutch has been built, D will be the proud owner of two little bunnies.

Bunnies – the real-life variety – are something she’s wanted for absolutely ages and we’ve resisted, partly because we wanted to wait until she understood that having bunnies would mean a bit of helping out but mostly because the last two years have been taken up with getting my feet sorted! 

We’d wrapped up a rabbit feeding bowl and a pack of rabbit treats, which I’d thought she’d guess instantly meant bunnies, but it took an explanation for her to understand that yes, once the (rather brill) hutch has arrived, we’ll be getting them! 

As much of the work she’s found so challenging at her SN school has involved budgeting, we had a little game in the pet shop where she’d have to mentally subtract from an amount the cost of the bunnies, hay, sawdust, food, toys etc.  She did very well and, I guess because it was a non-classroom environment, felt less pressured.

The rest of the day was taken up with D chilling after being so over-wrought earlier, birthday cake (yummy!) and her choice of tea.


Her stand-out favourite from the day has been her little Koala.  A little purple rubber, free with the latest Girl Talk Art, something I picked up and wrapped up as an extra as she does like looking through the magazine and occasionally trying out the crafts inside.

Well done Violet! Like I’ve said before, expect the unexpected, eh? 

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