Bubbles – Fri 4th May 2018

By | May 4, 2018

It’s been a long week for D, she’s normally extremely tired by Friday but today she was even more so.

She was in tears as she left for school and according to her Home-school diary got very upset at school,  with more tears at home.

She doesn’t like to say “no” to joining in with teachers’ suggestions at school – apart from today – and, as a consequence, absolutely wears herself out, trying to please people.

Which does concern me for the future, we all have something inside that makes us want to please but she will agree because she doesn’t want to appear rude by refusing.  That self-confidence rearing its head again.

How to make our wrung-out girl smile?


I’m so glad we had a little pot at home.

She made tiny bubbles that swirled upwards in the light breeze, big bubbles that reflected the colours in the garden and ones that made her laugh as they popped as quickly as they appeared from the wand.

Hurrah for bubbles and for the weekend, more bubbles and cuddles me’thinks.

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