The positives of online dating 

By | March 4, 2018

When a relationship breaks down, for whatever reason, there’s usually a period of grief or disbelief as to the fact that you’re single or maybe anger that the time spent in that relationship has ended.  For women there is also the feeling that that internal biological clock might be ticking, men have it a lot easier at times, don’t they? 

Then you start to re-build your life again. You look for the positives, as opposed to the negatives and, in time, think about potentially meeting someone new, but where to start? 

It’s a situation I found myself in about two years before I met Hubbie, I was then a single mum to a 3 year old little boy, working full time and juggling nursery or alternate child care if he was poorly,  worrying about how much potential time I had in the day as I’d always been the main wage earner. I also had the realisation that, after having grown up with a series of “uncles” before my parents’ marriage imploded, I wasn’t going to subject my young son to anyone new before I felt ready.

Friends took me to nightclubs and there’d be the bleary-eyed last dances but it didn’t feel right, or particularly safe, looking back.

It took about two years before I felt ready to dip my toe into the dating scene again and see how I felt – mostly a bit emotionally bruised terrified if I’m honest!  

Maybe (then not now, as I’m a happily married) I should have given – online dating – a try.  

Dating sites have the advantage that you can instantly find potential partners local to you and within a reasonable distance, for example –  if you’d like to date Cheshire singles,  maybe take a look at Lancashire dating sites, or date Strathclyde singles there’s also sites where you can specify you’re interested in certain genres such as naughty dating. I would imagine that the Fifty Shades trilogy has greatly sparked interest in these! 

An advantage of specifying a localised dating site, for example – seeking single women in London – means that you’ll potentially have the chance to go to events and venues near you and this obviously cuts down any travelling time and gives you more date time! It’s also a shorter journey home if things didn’t quite go as expected.

Using online dating or searching for specific interests could not only potentially lead to a relationship but also companionship, idea if you’re seeking someone to visit the cinema, a music event or a festival or maybe a picnic in the park, if the weather allows, but maybe not during “The Beast From The East”, if it returned! 

As my children grow closer to adulthood – both being 13 and 15 – and they don’t necessarily have the opportunities to meet people of  similar ages, once they are old enough, having a chance to search locally for friends and potential dates would be a great advantage

Have you tried online dating? Would love to hear any success stories! 
*this is a collaborative post

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