Snow Go 

By | March 1, 2018

Well, the “Beast from the East”/Storm Emma/snow has arrived.  There’s no denying that we haven’t been warned.

The weather has been playing on our minds a bit these last few days and caused D a few anxieties.

On Tuesday, she was due to take part in a panathlon at the Olympic pool in East London, regular readers might remember that she participated in one at the very same place about 1.5 years ago:

That second picture just sums D up for me, if she’s comfortable, she’ll join in whole-heartedly. 

Tuesday didn’t happen, it was postponed due to the weather forecast for that area and quite rightly so as it turned out.  

It was quite hard to explain it all to D, that yes, it might be absolutely fine where we are in Berkshire but elsewhere, it wasn’t and that the potential for traffic delays/not actually getting there or back to school easily could occur.

So, it felt like the postponement on Tuesday had been finally justified to D when the snow and winds arrived yesterday.

Her school’s announcement of closure came through before 7am this morning and then we had twenty minutes or so before the confirmation that T’s would be closed too – which was a relief as one being off and the other having to go in, would not have made for harmony.

So, it’s been a onesie day for D, the bitterly cold wind meaning that snow play didn’t happen today, hopefully if that bitter wind-chill factor goes, it might happen soon.

Keep warm! 

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