Beyond the sunset 

By | March 6, 2018

I was watching “Hold The Sunset” last night, followed by “Call The Midwife” (I know…party animal! Spoiler alert for the latter, you’ll need tissues) and the first programme in particular got me thinking, thinking about Senior Dating and whether I’d want to search for love/companionship if I became widowed or whether Hubbie would, if I was no longer around.  

The answer for me is “I don’t really know” (in the tone of Mavis from Corrie, we are absolutely loving the old weekday episodes on ITV3 by the way) I guess it depends on how old I was at the time and whether I felt sufficiently fulfilled to carry on without a partner. I have my hobbies/interests, my blog which is my sounding board and a bit of free therapy and I’d hope there’d be a few grandchildren who’d keep me young, but as to dating…I’m not sure.

If I wasn’t around, I’d expect Hubbie to have a suitable mourning period with plenty of wailing and generally missing me loads, but I wouldn’t want him to be lonely, I’d want him still to have someone to share a laugh with, to sit with in that comfortable silence when you just don’t have to say anything, happy in each other’s company. Our T calls them “awkward silences” but they are anything but, sometimes a look or hand squeeze or a poke with a crochet hook (from me, by the way!) is all that is needed, ha!

If you take the example of Queen Victoria, she was widowed very young and had a massive number of decades on her own (or maybe not, if the Mrs Brown rumours are true), but even so, 40 or so years is a long time single, without a potential soulmate. 

Online dating has moved on from the initial remote environment, you can now search by genre eg single men in Woking, by location dating in Hampshire,  Manchester dating sites,or even by specifications what you’d like or not like on a potential match, for example no strings dating..

If you did decide to go down the online dating route, here’s some tips before deciding to meet someone offline:

1.  Always meet in a public place, don’t arrange a first date at your home or their home and don’t give out your address.

2.  Tell a friend when and where you’re going.

3.  Stay sober and arrange your own transport to and from where you’re meeting.  Don’t let your date pick you up/drop you off until you’ve got to know them a bit better.

4.  Make sure your phone is charged before you meet and keep your personal belongings with you.

The above advice isn’t meant to put anyone off but there are occasions when people aren’t what they seem online. 

However, I guess the beauty of a sunset is that there’s always another one but, whilst it lasts it’s stunning, the same could be said about moving from in life, however old you might be.
*This is a collaborative post 

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