When D shared her worries … 

By | February 27, 2018

I know, I’ve not been a regular blogger so far this year, let’s just blame “stuff”, shall we?

But today, I just had to share an achievement by our D.  D – if you’ve read my posts previously – finds it very, very difficult to tell anyone at school if she’s worried about something.

She gets anxious about either being “told off” about either “telling tales” or appearing rude.  

She, if she wakes up anxious, will have an internal snowball rolling fast inside and, after masking her emotions all day, will come home and BOOM! 

Know what I mean? That “I’m fine!” remark when you know, just know, that she is anything but fine.

This had had – and still does – have an impact on her school day.  A particular time when she was being emotionally and bullied led to her telling me “I’m not going to eat and make myself ill so that I don’t have to go to school”.  

Alarm bells? You bet.  To their credit, D’s school dealt with this incident very quickly once they were aware of what she had said.

But the worries still overwhelm her.  She will quite forthrightly speak up if a school friend needs a hand but, if she’s feeling intimidated by someone, she won’t.  It’s always been a concern.

The fact that she needs to display more confidence in dealing with situations has always been a factor of her IEP and now her EHCP, so, for this to come home today was just amazing!

The accompanying letter from her Head Teacher said:

“Meeting one of her EHCP targets by talking to staff and sharing her worries when upset.  This is great progress as she finds this very difficult.”

The “worry” this refers to was a bit of a mega one last week, we had a few home-school diary notes.  For her to mention this to school staff is fantastic, we are very proud of her, the fact that this has been recognised by the school too is wonderful. 

Well done D!! 

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