The BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge 

By | February 11, 2018

Life is busy isn’t it? We have evenings here where it’s after school clubs, then a quick turnaround at home before a parents evening, meeting or training.  Weekends can be just the same with a quick “hello, we won/lost/drew (preferably one of the first two!)” before it’s away to an other part of the county.  And let’s not mention the kit changes and the washing that brings…

Recently we were challenged by BritMums to take part in “The Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge”, to see how their twin packs of Southern Fried Chicken Burgers could fill tummies quickly before it’s time for the next activity.

So, armed with a gift card from Tesco, we bought the items below to complement the burgers, items which would appeal to us, both as a family and individually:

I’d seen Rustlers in our local supermarket but hadn’t previously tried them.  The fact that a burger can be ready in 90 seconds was appealing, together with the thought of Southern Fried Chicken…yum!

First up was Hubbie, he does like his carbs, so I included some microwave chips and as many vegetable sides as I thought I’d get away with (my MIL would be proud of me!):

He absolutely loved the tangy mayonnaise included in the Rustlers pack and said it enhanced the chicken burger as well as popping some on his chips and cucumber.  A definite thumbs up!  The twin pack plus chips plus veggies (yay!) was the perfect quick, easy but tasty meal for him.

Next up me:

I do like my veggies and added a bowl of tomatoes, grated carrot and grated beetroot to accompany my burger.  Like Hubbie, I found the included mayonnaise sachet a great accompaniment and the chicken was very tasty.

For T and D, I added grated carrot to D’s (she loves carrots!) and T’s was a burger as it was.  He’s not a fan of over-complicating his food and likes his food as it comes.  

Chicken is something we all enjoy and the quality of the chicken in the burger was very tasty, according to the pack details, the chicken has been marinated before a southern fried breadcrumb is added.

Now that we’ve tried the packs, I can see them being a regular feature in our fridge, not only from the convenience viewpoint but, as my next foot operation looms in a few weeks, it will be a quality meal that Hubbie can easily put together for us all whilst I’m recuperating, I wonder if he’ll include the veggies!! 

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers.  

Disclosure: I received a £20 gift card from Tesco as thanks for taking part and to purchase our ingredients.

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