If I were a driver 

By | February 28, 2018

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We are fortunate to live where we do. It’s five minutes walk to bus stops where I can either catch a bus to our local shops (albeit a half hour ride as it goes everywhere before getting there) or a bus to the large town near us, a small train station is 15 minutes walk away too. For day-to-day for me, it’s okay.

But what happens if something unexpected occurs? For example, D had a head collision at school last year and we needed to get her seen quickly, luckily Hubby was at home and he drove us to get D checked out but, as a non-driver, I’d have had problems and wasted potentially valuable time getting to school quickly.

It’s never been my intention not to be a driver, it just happened. During my last bout of driving lessons, I was oh-so close to a test date and then, life stresses took over and I just couldn’t carry the lessons on.

I do want to re-start lessons in a couple of years once funds and my post-op feet allow. I’ve always had an idea of the vehicle I’d like and have a playlist stored on my phone, currently under “walking tunes” but it would be wonderful to re-name that “driving tunes”.

Oh, it would be fantastic to know that if we wanted to head off for the day to a beach (D’s main wish but not in the current weather!) or a visit to D’s favourite place (a SN playground), we could just do it, without the bus/train rides and the risk of her getting over anxious due to her sensory issues/stranger anxieties.

Of course, running a vehicle isn’t cheap, there’s not only the initial vehicle purchase cost, but fuel costs, insurance and maintenance,  cars.com have a handy  loan calculator tool which would really help in any decision when (not if) I eventually go for it.

There is also a search tool on the site, so I could quickly and easily ascertain if the car of my dreams was just down the road from me too.

“If I were a driver” will turn into “yes, I am a driver, shall we go to the beach today?” one day. 

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