Countdown to number 3

By | February 28, 2018

One of the reasons I’ve backed away from blogging recently (which I shouldn’t really as it’s like free therapy for me!) is that foot operation number 3 is looming.

No, I don’t have three feet (for any new readers), I had a both-feet operation in October 2016 which didn’t work, a remedial and successful operation on my right foot in August 2017 and then there will be a remedial operation on my left foot in April.  In six and a bit weeks, to be precise!

That will mean I’ll have had three general anaesthetics in 18 months and whilst I don’t want to count up the recovery and in-pain weeks, it has been a lot.  No wonder I’m feeling a bit “meh”!  I have nerve damage in the foot to be rectified and neither feet like the severe cold, as they both have metal in them.

But, there is a positive aspect to all this, my right foot operation was a total success and the letter I recently had from my surgeon said I was “keen for a matching pair” (of feet) and he “hope(s) to give her (me) a matching pair).  A letter that did make me chuckle somewhat.

The other positives are that I’ll be able to recuperate during some Spring weather hopefully and that, as last year’s operation went so well, that we have the good memories from that to get us through the upheaval that my being sofa-bound will bring.

Yep, it will all be fine.


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