Normality (ish) – Tues 2nd Jan 2018

By | January 2, 2018

Our living room looks as it should now, the tree and decorations are down and ready for me to forget momentarily where they are next Christmas!

It’s funny how they come down much speedier than they go up!

T and D both go back to school on Thursday and I’ve started the chats around going back, our girl is resisting atm but, come Thursday, she’ll skip off to wait for her school bus, no doubt with Bitsey meowing behind her.

D and I had another bit of “normality” today, one that she’s missed over the Christmas holidays and my positive for the day:

Our D absolutely loves watching the Classic Coronation Street episodes being shown on ITV3, I must admit I do too. There’s no car/tram crashes or murderous neighbours (Alan Bradley aside) and the humour is gentle as folks get on with their day-to-day life.

D has a particular delight in seeing Hilda Ogden in her curlers (she’s christened her “Gun Head”) and – as she also loves Keeping Up Appearances – saying that the Bet/Audrey/Rita/Vera characters remind her of Rose from KUP, that’s 80’s hairdos for you!

A bit of normality in what must have been a sensory-filled two weeks for her.

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