It’s only a day away – Weds 3rd Jan 2018

By | January 3, 2018

How glad am I that T and D go back to school on the same day?!? Mega! It prevents any “why is he/she still off school, when I’m going back?” protests.

For D, she’s a mixture of wanting to see her school friends and not wanting to go back to school. I’ve tried to have a “best bits of Christmas” chat with her, bearing in mind I’ve had flu, it was a relief that she replied “everything!” (Mind you, that is her stock answer in which she keeps things very much in the here and now).

For T, it’s a bit more complex. I wasn’t blogging regularly leading up to the December term end, but he was having problems at school.

Not massive ones by others’ standards but it seemed to be a personality clash between him and a teacher. T has a “zero filter” approach and, regardless of who he may be with, if he finds something unfair or unjust, he will speak up.

Which led to him being taken out of class, without him really understanding why.

Hubbie and I have had a long chat with him and hopefully he’s heading back tomorrow with a fresh approach and a clean slate, I hope so.

It is strange, though, that his school completely ignores his hf autism diagnosis, we’ve never had any senco contact and any emails we send in are ignored. We shall see.

It certainly is a different school from the one we appealed to get T into, a lot to do with the change of head teacher in the first term he was there. A shame. I don’t think the old head teacher would have allowed the transport situation that erupted before the end of the summer term to happen (when T’s school bus service ceased with a week’s notice and school offered no assistance to the 30+ pupils affected.

Speaking of transport, that is my positive 3/365, that T already has his train ticket for the morning and that D – thank goodness – has home-school transport until the end of the summer term. It means that, once my next (and hopefully final) foot operation is out of the way, I have until August to get fully confidently mobile again AND that our D is safe and secure on her journey. Hurrah!

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