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By | January 8, 2018

Welcome to The MM Linky and Happy New Year!

It’s my turn to host this week and I must admit I was struggling for a topic but, inspiration came in a music FB group that I help to admin.

The chat in a thread turned to an Ultravox album that hadn’t been seen as one of their best but it really did have some great songs on it.

The YouTube video above links to a song called “Follow Your Heart” and it’s something I’ve always strived to do, follow my heart and my instincts because they’re usually correct.

The lyrics in this song have always inspired me, even if it’s been absolutely ages since I’d played this song before today:

“Follow ..,your heart..

There must be someone to depend on, Follow your own way

Don’t ask the questions, follow the leader, Just like a good boy will..

And I wonder what’s in store for me

Don’t need the prophets, don’t need the seer, Don’t need the overkill…

Oh and I wonder what could be

Follow… your heart

There must be something to rely on…

There must be someone to depend on, Follow your own way.”

A couple of examples that spring to mind for me are the children’s educational settings (both have autism, my son attends mainstream secondary, my daughter in a special needs school, the most appropriate place for them as individuals) and health, instinctively I tend to know when something isn’t “right” with me, even if it then takes me an absolute age to action it!

Motivation is something that comes naturally with the start of the year, isn’t it? A new beginning, a new year to think about what’s been achieved and what we’d like to achieve, a clean slate.

Deb at chaosinkent wrote a great post last week about What’s stopping us from achieving our goals (spoiler here, in my case, it’s usually me!) and Anne at has written about her Goals for the year and they do sound exciting!

Over to you! What’s motivating you this week? Please link up below and share the support by not forgetting to visit the other posts linked up x

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Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful on 8th January 2018 at 2:26 pm.

I should definitely follow my heart more – I’m a. head person but find actually, my heart often has the right answer. #themmlinky
Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful recently posted…Make your own StickMan Family with this kids motor-skills craft activityMy Profile


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