Catching Up – Sun 7th Jan 2018

By | January 7, 2018

A regret from last year, from having had my right foot operation in the summer holidays, was that D didn’t get to see The Emoji Movie when it was showing at the cinema.

She had been a tad disappointed but I had hold her that hopefully Father Christmas would pop the DVD into her Christmas stocking. Which he did!

We got around to watching the Dvd today and I have to admit, I preferred it this way. For one thing it was a lot cheaper bearing in mind D does like the whole experience with popcorn and also that, if she needed to, she could head out of the room for a little “prance” (to self-regulate herself) as and when needed – that isn’t always an option in a cinema! (Today’s positive thought)

She enjoyed it and, although not totally my thing, I did like that there was at least a storyline with a few little moral messages.

Whilst D was watching the movie, I had a quick online search to see what merchandise there was around the movie, not to buy, just curious. I have to say that this one was just ridiculous!!!

Each to their own!

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