By hook or by book – Fri 5th Jan 2018

By | January 5, 2018

My stress-filled days haven’t decreased, in fact today has seemed more “aaaaargh” than yesterday, it’s made me really quite grateful that the weekend has arrived – even though T and D have only been back at school for two days – and that we’ve found humour in unexpected places.

This book, for example, has barely been out of D’s hands since Christmas:

I bought it for Hubbie as we do have two very individual but temperamental cats but did wonder if D would take the title literally and get scared by it or see it as a bit of fun…

She absolutely loves it!

Her favourite part of it is this page:

And if the cats are play-fighting (we call it dinosauring here) or Bitsey is getting particularly fierce with her toy mice or play string, then we’ll get told that Bitsey has her “war face” on by D, it’s very funny!

Humorous moments like this keep our happy v stress quotas on a more even keel, much like my next picture:

A new crochet-a-long (or CAL) that started today. These are not the colours I would normally choose but they are reminding me that Spring is hopefully not too far away.

Concentrating on individual stitches also stops my mind thinking too much about the current and ongoing stresses – which is a definite bonus!

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