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By | January 24, 2018

I’ve been a “tad” absent from the blog lately, a combination of reasons and I can’t seem to access the WP app on my phone or the main site to report it, so this may not publish…anyway.



Life is never boring here but recently it’s scurrying along at quite a manic pace, we barely seem to get over one hurdle before another springs up, sometimes a bit tougher to overcome.



I’ve touched briefly on some issues with T’s school, they are focussed primarily on one subject on the curriculum.  It’s difficult because in every other subject, T is knuckling down and doing well, but this one…I don’t know if it’s simply a clash of personalities, mixed with a lack of understanding around autism but every lesson brings a confrontation and then either a detention or an email home.  It’s wearing T down and not doing much for us either! We have a meeting in school this week and hopefully it will be a chance to gain some understanding around this situation and agree a way forward.



D has been struggling too, hormones have hit her with an almost indecent regularity after puberty-blocking for four years and she’s finding it all very tough.  I kept her off school on Friday because she was extremely fragile and needed the security of home, as well as cuddles on tap.



Amidst all this, I’ve had two hospital trips this week; one for a blood test and a scan of my insides and the second, to discuss my next (and hopefully) final foot operation.  This should be – as long as the pre-op I had yesterday passes – in early April.  Part of me is thinking “nooooo, this could happen on my birthday” but another part thinks “wouldn’t that be the best present? Two happy feet?”  We shall see.



And then there’s the paperwork associated with having two autistic children! Oh my word! I reckon we have a tree-worth and there’s always the forms to sign, the appointments to make/the phone calls.  Lists, lists and more lists which will only be added to as I create “things to do pre-op and post-op”.



But sometimes there’s a moment to reflect, to catch a breath and remind myself that it could be worse.  I found the perfect place to do this yesterday in our local hospital’s chapel, so atmospheric, so calming.  The image should be above.

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