By | December 15, 2017

Another issue has dominated our recent week.  Testing.

It’s something that’s effected us all, but predominantly T and me.

Ever since he started in his mainstream secondary school, we’ve had the distinct feeling that his diagnosis of high functioning autism at age ten has really made no difference.  

Any issues like, for example, him not bringing home a form are not dealt with by either emailing me a form or giving him a second copy (which would be logical to do) but, instead they phone me and moan that they haven’t had the form and that T has not had the foward-thinking to get another one – clue, here, he won’t, because in his very “black and white” world there is a simpler, more logical way to do things.

Or I’ll have a phone call because he got out of his seat in a lesson, what do they want to do, chain them down?

This is where I can’t understand his school, they waste (what must be to them) precious time phoning me when it could be dealt with another way, or even accept the way our son thinks? But no, there has been no senco involvement, T is now in year 10 and any emails from us are neither acknowledged nor answered.

We fought so hard to get him into that school and I do wonder if it was worth it.

The end of term cannot come sooner.  Oh and Christmas jumper day at his school was abruptly cancelled! 

And from my end, testing has been predominant too.

I was called for a mammogram a couple of weeks ago and then phoned and called back.  Any bravado I might have been feeling melted away as I got squished and squeezed again.  I put my concerns into a dark recess of my mind and only opened that “lid” when the letter arrived this week, with, thankfully, the all-clear.

As well as the squishing, I’ve also had numerous blood tests as I’m feeling very run-down and, with the prospect of my left foot operation in the next few months, I need to feel better both emotionally and physically.

The GP ordered tests on hormones, vit D, ferritin, liver and thyroid.  The latter is something that my recent private blood test flagged up and I’ve suspected for years that it might be an issue.  The GP agreed that if their results were similar they’d do something.

This week though, she’s completely back-tracked and said that their results do not indicate action but wants another test done at the end of January.  

Which says to me “cuts” as I think I’ve read in the local presss that any thyroid meds will not now be funded.  Which explains the back-track but ….why can’t she be honest? Tell me the truth because it’s sent me spiralling down – hence not many posts – and that is not a good way to be! 

Oh and despite me being practically tee-total, I need a liver ultrasound scan – which is worrying me as, again, the private test threw some pointers up.

Life’s “fun” isn’t it!!!   Normal service – whatever that is – will hopefully resume soon, who’s caring for this carer?!? 

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