Take A Moment #TheMMLinky 

By | December 4, 2017

My life seems full of lists and notes on my phone at the moment – lists of gifts to buy/food to plan and then there’s school events and the everyday items that we can’t cast aside – it can feel like your brain is just too full! 

It’s very easy to forget that December 25th is just one day, a day for festivities and fun but one day in many.   There isn’t a need to buy – for example – milk, bread and toilet rolls like they’re going out of fashion because the shops will be open on December 27th!  

Take a step back, don’t get swept up into the mega “want it but do I need it?”,  relax.  

Make notes of what you’d like to buy in the January sales, it really annoyed me that there is Black Friday (or a whole week)  then the shops raise their prices again, only to reduce them again December 26th – just goes to show what a massive mark-up there is in some items.

Take a step back and reduce the pressure.  Have a coffee/catch up with a friend.  We had World Kindness Day a few weeks back – be kind to YOU.

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