Delays and Honesty

By | December 30, 2017

It’s been a funny old Christmas here, Father Christmas bought me a present I hadn’t expected or asked for – the flu!

To be honest, I can’t blame the “main man” entirely, it landed with me before then, but by Christmas Eve I had the full-blown effects.

It’s meant that we had our Christmas dinner three days late, I couldn’t say if it was yummy because I couldn’t smell or taste it but – a big win here – D ate some turkey and a couple of small sausages! She also tried a baked potato and some gravy and really enjoyed it, apart from the potato skin.

This is a big win as she’s previously refused to try Christmas dinner at home as it didn’t “look right” compared to the school dinner and she’s previously had her safe option of chicken nuggets and chips. T opted for his staple “white food” of bovril on toast and wouldn’t be swayed. I wouldn’t expect him to be and there is no point in trying to force tastes and textures that he really isn’t comfortable with, I’d love to think that one day he’ll want to expand his dietary range but if not, so be it.

We have had some laugh-out-loud moments, thanks to D. We always look forward to the pictures and notes she puts into cards and this year was no exception.

She opted to write our card “from the cats” and it was a bit heart-wrenchingly honest as she also choose to write it from our cat, Cookie, who died a few years back.

It was the “I miss you guys…” that produced a few flu/tired/emotional tears upon reading, the honesty of children, eh?

It also meant that, as she’d written a card for Hubbie’s dad – who has been widowed for 4 years now, after Hubbie’s mum died on 21/12/13, I had to quickly check that there were no references to spirits or such-like. D is extremely thoughtful but honesty in that respect might have been a little too much.

I will share the pictures in my card tomorrow, they are worth the additional wait!

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Kim Carberry on 1st January 2018 at 2:09 pm.

I hope you are feeling better now….
hehehe! Sometimes kids can be a little too honest! Eek! x
Kim Carberry recently posted…Our Weekly Meal Plan!! – #mealplanningmondayMy Profile


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