The cuppa 

By | November 26, 2017

We had a first here today, D made her dad a cup of tea!

She chose the mug too.

Life skills is something that her SN school focus on, we get diary notes occasionally saying that her class had made a hot drink and it’s something that, even though she only drinks water, is a social skill to have, isn’t it?

There was no way I’d be happy with her handling a hot kettle on her own so, I supervised and prompted as she:
filled the kettle

turned it on

choose a mug, added a teabag, sweetener and milk 

waited for the kettle to boil

added the water to the cup

and then, prodded and removed that tea bag.

Hubbie said it tasted lovely and D was extremely proud of herself.

I do involve her cooking too, supervising as she stirs in a saucepan/turns chicken over under the grill.

These are small steps for D but big achievements in terms of growing confidence.  

She’s decided that after my next foot op, she’ll be making me a hot chocolate, something to look forward to! 

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