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By | November 20, 2017

Regular readers of my blogs might remember that I mentioned I’d be obtaining baseline blood tests via Forth, something of interest to me as I knew that the last few years have taken their toll on my wellbeing.

The baseline test comprises of:

“Our Baseline subscription package is designed to help you to track vital health markers over time. It’s a solid and cost effective alternative to regular in-clinic private health checks for those proactively monitoring general health.

You’ll receive regular kits throughout the year, each one testing 16 key biomarkers that are critical to your overall general health. This includes insight into liver health, kidney health and energy levels.

As such, this comprehensive package of finger prick home blood tests offers a superb insight into your health and enables you to discover trends over time.”

Each Baseline test costing £59.99, with the results back within two days.

The test had very clearly set out instructions on how to collect the blood sample and, as the sample is returned via the post, it’s best to only post and send off Monday-Thursday as any samples would be untestable left in a post box over the weekend.

I sent mine off last Monday morning, making sure we caught an am postage collection.  It felt a bit strange posting “a bit of me”, albeit in a tube, in a secure package, off somewhere!

Once posted, I logged onto my dashboard on the website to let them know it was on the way and wondered how long it would take for my results.

The answer is not long at all!  I received an email Tuesday evening, advising that my resumes were ready and logged on.

One result has really stood out for me:

My Vitamin D result is not just low, it’s very low!

This is something that I have suspected for a while, that I don’t have sufficient vitamin D, I present deficiency symptoms and the results have confirmed it for me, big time.  Any previous mentions at the GP have resulted in my being told I am “within normal range”, well, the result above doesn’t look “normal” to me!

So, my motivation this week is to seek GP assistance on this and another result, which I don’t feel ready to share at the moment and see what arises from there.

I need to be as heathly as I can for my family, I know have the knowledge to (hopefully) bring about change – GP willing.

For the purposes of this review, I was sent one test but I think I’ll be paying for and performing another in 3-4 months to keep an eye on progress and hopefully my vit D score will be better! 

As the picture says:

Disclosure: I received a baseline test for the purpose of this review, my words and views are my own.

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