The School Disco #SmallStepsAA

By | October 16, 2017

You may have seen from my Instagram pictures that D attended a disco at her SN school last week, here she is having a twirl or two just before we went in:

You might think “hmmm, school disco? Loud music? Will that be okay for her?”

She loved it and did not stop dancing for the two hours it was on, apart from drinks of water.

I guess it was primarily because the disco was in the school hall, a place she knows very well and she knew I’d be there, sitting on the sidelines, her reassurance figure – although not joining in as I had done previously.

To see her dancing away, enoying the music and the lights was wonderful.

There was a Conga line too, snaking through the hall, children joining in, laughing as they weaved their way around.

Children cartwheeling, children break-dancing, having fun, smiling, either lost in the music by themselves or fingers entwined with a friend.

It was lovely to see and, as it finished at 9pm on a school night, I’ll bet there were some tired classes the next day, D certainly was. 

Looking back to that frightened little girl in mainstream primary, who couldn’t enter the school hall at all, it made me grateful that her school can put on these events so that D and her friends get a chance to enjoy themselves outside of the school day, but in a very familiar setting.

Time is rushing by so quickly, she’s 13 now, I hope there’ll be opportunities as a school leaver and young autistic adult, to attend similar events in the future.

Our #SmallStepsAA for the week.

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