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By | October 16, 2017

There is a box in my living room, sometimes it overflows but the contents change week by week:

It’s my eBay box, items that make it into the box are destined for eBay, to go on to people that will make use of them.

It’s not a huge box and I wouldn’t want it to be, it’s a manageable box.

Ever since I was told that I wouldn’t be able to wear shoes/boots above a heel height of an inch following my foot operation, I’ve been sorting though, either recycling via Clarks shoes or selling any footwear no longer appropriate.  Once fully healed, my feet will also be a shoe size smaller, so it’s a great opportunity to de-clutter.  

It felt a bit of a sentimental wrench to put the silk shoes I wore on our wedding day into a “recycle at Clarks” bag but; as they’re now the wrong size, the heel is now too high and the silk is very discoloured (they’re 15 years old), I’d rather they be put to use and help provide stationary in third world countries.

I always tend to have a de-clutter leading up to Christmas anyway, my motivation is having a bit of extra cash to make our Christmas fun.

In the grand scheme of things, if an environmental disaster hit our house, I certainly wouldn’t be rushing to rescue shoes that I wouldn’t now wear or office clothing, so it makes sense to ship them off to someone who will.

Now to #TheMMLinky, it’s my turn to host this week and I’m looking forward to reading and commenting on the posts linked up.

Last week’s Linky had a great variety of motivational topics and tips and I particularly enjoyed:

@chaosinkent ‘s reminder that, we might get overwhelmed with our day-to-day but it’s important to have fun too 

@ojosworld ‘s goal planning before a big birthday and I think she’ll get there

And @raisiebay ‘s re-inforcement that positive thinking is the way to be.

Welcome to the Monday Motivation Linky! Each Monday, one of your four, fabulous hosts will take turns to host the linky, which will open at 6am for you to add your posts.
There are just a couple of rules…

You can add up to two posts with a motivational, inspirational or positive theme. If you want, you can add one of your own and one you’ve seen elsewhere, but do tweet or message the author to let them know!).

Or, add a post from Instagram – a motivational or inspiring quote, perhaps.

Please comment on the host’s post, plus at least four other posts – one must be a post from one of the co-hosts, and one must be the post before yours. Don’t forget to add ‘#TheMMLinky’ to your comment!

Please add the linky badge to each post linked up.

The linky will close for new submissions at 11 pm on Wednesday. 

The host will retweet each post linked and will comment on all. Please share the love and retweet your posts using the hashtag #TheMMLinky and tag the host, (either @schoolrunshop, @TheAsplands, @AutismMumma, or @Stephstwogirls) in your tweets.

The host will share two favourite posts from the previous week.
We look forward to reading your posts.

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