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By | October 30, 2017

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I realised today that I hadn’t updated anything on #scarfeet since I tweeted this picture:

In which I was waiting to have an X-ray on my right foot to see how the bones were looking after my remedial operation ten weeks ago.

It was a revelation in more ways than one as I got to see my happily healing bones, the metalwork that has fused my big toe and – gulp – the length of the pin that had gone into my second toe, it was extremely long and explained a lot as to the pain I’d been experiencing!

It all looked good and it was time – drumroll if you please – for the afore-mentioned pin to come out.  Google can be very useful, can’t it? On various sites I’d read that the pin removal can be very painful and on another, that it wasn’t a problem, I decided I also wanted to see it as it was removed – yep, I’m curious like that!

Part of me wishes now that I’d asked to keep it as it was so long (about skewer length) that it would be a cool momento, something to remember for when my left foot is operated on…

Which probably won’t be until Feb/March/April next year as the surgeon wants to be sure I’m fully happy walking on it before he takes the other foot out of action.

Yep, it’s out. It’s weird learning to walk weight-bearing on both feet again, it’s also a case of – literally – not running before I can walk (as it were) as, if I do too much (see below), the next day is a case of keep the feet up as they hurt!
Last week was half term and this happened on the Monday:

Bowling with some of D’s friends from her SN school, it was lovely to see the children enjoying their game, taking turns and with a minimal amount of competitiveness.  I had a game too, which caused some “should I?” thoughts but it was well worth the pain that evening and the next day.

It takes about five minutes to manoeuvre my foot into a trainer/knitted Ugg boot so thank goodness trainers were allowed on the bowling alley.

Last week also reinforced the fact that D and Bitsey are the best of friends, they seem to calm each other and really lighten any adverse moods!

My motivational thought for this week is to not get miffed that my next op is a further few months away, by this time next year I’ll have happy feet, won’t I?

Comparison pic below, as of last week, the difference between the two amazes me, I don’t like sharing my feet pics so this is major for me to do this:

So proud of D and her friends for a great bowling experience x 

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