What’s Next? A belated #WOTW 

By | September 24, 2017

I’ve been a tad absent this past week, it’s been a bit full-on.

As I’m typing this, I’m sneezing and coughing, very “oh woe is me”!  T was off school for three days last week with vomiting and a heavy cold and it’s now reached me, not ideal what with my general feeling of being stuck inside whilst post-op, but there you go!  I won’t go into the complications of throwing-up when you can’t “hug” the toilet basin as I can’t bend my post-op foot! 

I’m back on the witchety-brew for a few days!

We also received the sad news that a an elderly family friend had passed away, timings of the funeral aren’t such that I could attend so Hubbie and FIL will be, utilising my wheelchair for FIL as there is likely to be quite a distance between the car park and crematorium.  It’s also been a time of reflection as we’re rapidly heading towards the four anniversary of Hubbie’s mum dying, following a severe stroke.  It won’t be an easy time for either Hubbie or FIL.

And then Friday bought a telephone call from D’s school, her glasses had broken whilst in the playground.

She was understandably upset and, as there was no way I could get into school with her old pair, it was a case of waiting and hoping she’d be okay (ish) when she got home.  Which she wasn’t really.   Luckily we’ve got an opticians appointment and an eye test for her tomorrow and Hubbie will take her in after school, it’s a very SN-friendly practice so I’m sure it will all go well (fingers crossed).

So, it’s all very much keeping the routines going, intermingled with feeling incredibly yuck and hoping that it doesn’t reach Hubbie or D because it’s horrible!! 

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