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By | September 25, 2017

This new term has seen a massive change for T, he’s entered year 10 and become a commuter.

The coach company we’d used since year 7 (and it had been running for many years before that), decided to pull his school route a week before the end of the summer term and weren’t willing to re-install it without certain criteria.  

T’s school offered no hope to the families effected so a large number of pupils were forced to make alternative arrangements for a school two hours (each way) walk away.

We looked into whether catching an alternative (commercial) bus was viable and also concluded that cycling along a road that has seen dozens of accidents was too dangerous, he’d have to get the train.

We are fortunate to be 15 minutes walk away from a small train station that runs half hourly trains into Reading, so T would get that and then get a train to a station on the route to Paddington.   Yep, a commuter train.

I’ve commuted to Central London for three roles in my working life so could give T some semblance of the challenges of packed platforms/everyone rushing for the same train and the manic hustle and bustle as people wheel their cases behind them, not noticing who they bash.  All in a rush.

It’s a massive change to a coach that would take him to school and back and then a ten minute walk home isn’t it? Lots of challenges, masses of noise and, as T doesn’t like being too close to strangers, plenty of sensory issues.

He’s set off today, in the rain and he’ll no doubt get home in the rain too.  

The downside to commuting is the proximity of all those germs and bugs as people cough and sneeze it out on the trains, combined with the dry air inside the carriage.  T’s already had one heavy cold.

But we should be grateful that there was an alternative to getting him to school and that he’s willing to do it.  It’s such a shame that his school don’t seem to care just how much he and the other pupils have been affected.  

I’ll bet they will if grades suffer.  Definite lack of duty of care but we are mega proud of our commuter.

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Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One on 26th September 2017 at 8:38 am.

Well done to him, that would be daunting for anyone, let alone a child. Hope his grades don’t suffer x #SmallStepsAA


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