The Monday Motivational Linky #4 – Not Good or Bad but..

By | September 25, 2017

Another week has zoomed by and it’s my turn to host the Monday Motivational Linky (#TheMMLinky), I hope you’ll join in too below.

My motivation this week comes from something that’s a bit of a bugbear for me, that of labelling foodstuffs as “good” or “bad”.

Living with ASD children who take practically everything extremely literally, we have always tried to make sure that we refer to food as either healthy or unhealthy, it’s also something I need to get clear in my mind too!

There was an incident at D’s school a few years back where the teacher referred to “good” and “bad” foods (and she used the term “bad”) so resolutely that D refused to eat any of her lunch that day and then the next day, there was a pupil’s Birthday and the class (and the teacher) had chocolate cake!!  Double standards I think you’ll agree. 

I was having a group chat which included one of this linky’s co-hosts last week, mentioning how convenient it is to give into temptation and raid the biscuit tin when you’re either bored or, as in both our cases, stuck inside the house for a few days. 

It is very easy to mistake signs of thirst for “I’ll have another instant coffee and a biscuit”, yum yum and before you know it, that’s four bourbons dunked and ingested.

Which is okay in isolation, just not with every cup!

Since being holed up whilst recuperating from my foot operation, I’ve been making the effort to – biscuits aside – eat healthier.   I love predominately vegetable-based meals and it always makes me feel good if I have a few days run of getting that five-a-day in, combined with yummy granary toast for breakfast.

I like pasta but pasta doesn’t like me and I’ve never been one for masses of pastry, mccoys salt and vinegar crisps however are another matter! 

The challenge going foward for me is recognising and remembering that putting good fuel into my body will benefit in the long run.  Yes, the items that would be frowned upon are okay, but not as the norm.

I currently have a heavy cold/flu thing courtesy of T and it would be tempting to metaphorically dive head-first into our choccie drawer, just because I feel rough but that doesn’t help in the long run, what with blood sugar spikes etc.

Having said that, it is Hubbie’s birthday today (Monday) so cake will be eaten!! 

Onto the posts from last week’s Linky and the two that stood out for me were Kelly’s around baby steps reaping results and Deb’s idea of creating Happy Lists, I do get bogged-down in “to do” lists so am definitely adding in happy lists! 

So, that’s my motivation this week, how about you? 

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Vicky on 26th September 2017 at 8:34 pm.

I’m terrible for pasta and salt and vinegar crisps as well! They are my nemesis! #TheMMLinky
Vicky recently posted…#6 Tactical Tuesdays – 26th September 2017My Profile


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