Thankful – My #WOTW and Weeks 2-3 Post-Op

By | September 8, 2017

I’m updating my weeks 2 and 3 #scarfeet post-op and including my Word Of The Week because they would all say the same:

I’m Thankful (my Word Of The Week) very much so.

Both D and T returned to school this week, both facing new challenges.

For D, it was the prospect of her moving up to KS4 a year early and the challenges of “hard work” (as she calls it).   

There have been a couple of hairy moments, around the fact that she’s been put forward – she thinks – for activities without having been told anything about them, but until we know more details (and she only went back to school on Wednesday), I’ve told her we can’t make a decision.

She is in the class with her “nemesis” who has been so absolutely cruel to her in recent years but as they are seated together at the front of the class, I’m reassured that the promise from her teacher of keeping an eye of the afore-mentioned nemesis is happening.

And T, poor T.  I tried my absolute best all through the holidays to find a solution to his school coach company pulling the service but we were up against it from the start as his school and the LEA refused to help, saying it was not down to them.   This hasn’t just effected him but up to 52 children.

It’s a two hour walk one way (I’ve done it pre-op to see how long it would take!) to his school so a solution was needed and T has opted to try out train travel which has meant a 20 minute walk to our local station, a train to the bigger station and a connecting train to the nearest station to school and then another 25 minute walk.  It’s all added to his day but – and this is where I don’t “get” why the coach company said the route wasn’t making money – it’s half the price of the coach! 

So far, so good and he’s not keen on the hustle and bustle of other commuters as they run for their trains but, at the moment, he’s coping.  I was able to use my years of commuting to Central London as examples of how people will push and shove past in the hope of getting onto a train, when the next one is 4 minutes behind.  

Thankful? Yes, so much that this massive change for T is working out.

And, as I watched him head off this morning, in heavy rain, very thankful that our little island with its cloudy, dreary autumn days is not in the sights of the devastating hurricanes that are destroying everything in their path.

I have to say though, that T’s school have really let themselves down throughout this, I would have hoped that there would have been a “how it is going?” email or some/any contact, other than a “stop complaining and get on with it” message from the governors.  For a school that we fought so hard for a place because of its community feel and faith, there is a distinct lack of “duty of care” shown.

Now to post-op and how weeks 2 and 3 are going:

I must admit that from this time last week I was a “tad” crabby! My cotton bud foot was aching and I was absolutely desperate to see how it looked under the bandages,  I was extremely sceptical as to if I’d be able to see an improvement after my op’s failure last October and needed to know that it had all been worth it.

Well it has!!!

We’ve gone from this:

To this:

The squared-off bit at the top is a plaster and tape around the pin still in my second toe but oh my goodness, I am absolutely delighted with how my foot looks under that sock thingy!   It is better than I imagined and has made all the pain and sleeping with my foot elevated all worth it.

I’m still in pain, even more so as my massive amount of cushioning has gone and also have some mega scars but that’s okay, they will fade.  I’m having to be very careful with the pin sticking out of my toe, am still in a heel-bearing surgical shoe and have to keep it as elevated as I can during the day as possible for the next 4 weeks until the pin is removed but ……hooray, it worked! My foot also is very good at going fuzzy with – what feels like extreme pins and needles- telling me if I’ve bee upright too long, just going up and down the stairs is quite enough! 

I had thought that seeing my feet together, with the left still needing the remedial surgery would make me feel fed up but it doesn’t, it reminds me that I’m extremely grateful that the consultant agreed to remedy the work and do more to help and that, once the left one is operated on and healed, it will all have been very worth it.

Once it’s all over I will share before and after pictures, I’m not ready to yet, there will be such a massive difference.  So, so thankful! 

How’s your week been? 

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Kim Carberry on 8th September 2017 at 9:19 pm.

Ahh! I really feel for you….I can understand your worry about D being sat with her nemesis…..My teen is sat next to the boy who bullied her last term & took photos off my blog & printed them off in her computer science class this year! I am expecting trouble. I hope nothing comes of D & her nemesis.
Well done T! It sounds like he is doing great on the journey to school….It is such a shame the school has let you down like this.
I’m so pleased your foot is looking better than expected! I hope you are up and about properly soon x
Kim Carberry recently posted…The return to school. #WotWMy Profile


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