Post Op and the FitFlop #TheMMLinky

By | September 18, 2017

Liking that my title rhymed!

I’m now four weeks post-op and it’s also time for some Monday Motivation, which is what #TheMMLinky is all about.

Quite simply, my motivation this week (and for the next few weeks) is:

I love these.  I have a blue pair and a speckled black pair.  They weren’t the most comfortable things to squeeze my funny feet into this summer – and they didn’t look pretty – but they are my motivation now.   For next summer.

I have to keep my feet like this for the next four weeks, until my next appointment:

It’s the right foot that has been operated on and I’ve stuck both feet  into stripey socks because it emphasises even more the difference in their shapes.  My right foot still has a pin in the second toe, which is why it looks longer as there’s a dressing around the toe, but a nice, straighter shape can be seen, can’t it? 

I had thought I’d be very miffed to have one (healing but painful) foot and one (wonky but not so painful) foot but it’s absolutely fine, it makes me glad that the more specialised surgeon agreed to help and that, maybe by my next birthday in April, the left one will have been operated on and healed and I’ll be in those fitflops, or some other pretty (flat) sandals.

Motivation and a goal are things that are very much needed because there is the immense temptation to do (what would be classed at the moment as) “too much” and the pin is too delicate to risk knocking it, even the slightest accidental touch makes me yelp and my pain threshold is high/stubborn! 

Some people have goals of getting fitter, mine is to just be feet up, healing for the next month because it’s all going to be very worth it! 

Why not join in with the linky below if you have any motivational ideas?

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