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By | September 4, 2017

Over the time I’ve been blogging it’s been pre-dominantly to raise awareness and acceptance of autism, with two diagnosed teens, it’s very important for me, my autistic teens will go into adulthood and beyond still with autism, that is one constant that won’t change.

But, in all that time, I’ve neglected one factor that also needs to remain constant in their lives – me.

I have spent the time since last October feeling really quite sorry for myself.  My both-feet operation didn’t heal as anticipated and I’m currently recovering from remedial (and a bit more) work on the right foot, with – all being well – the left foot being rectified next January (ish).

At times, it’s led me to wonder why I put myself through it all last October, enduring ten months plus of nerve pain has not been pleasant and I’ve given in to the “woe is me” feelings way too much.

But that is all going to change, no-one can alter how I feel but me.

So, I’m going to:

Be more positive: it could have been worse, the surgeon could have said “no, we can’t do anything more”, couldn’t he? The fact he didn’t and was prepared to rectify last year’s operation and go beyond that is proof that it should all be okay in the end. 

Be kinder to myself: I’m not perfect, no-one is.  The fact that “celebs” filter their social media images so much is proof that you can have all the money in the world, have access to the latest fat-scooping machines going, but they’re just as insecure as you or I at times.

Material things don’t come close to what really matters: when I was being wheeled back from my operation to the ward a fortnight ago, all I wanted to see were the smiling faces of my family that awaited me, I didn’t want anything else – apart from a drink of water! 

I also used the time leading up to this operation to have a bit of a de-clutter, I’ve been told that I won’t be able to wear any heeled shoes beyond an inch from now on, so any “occasion”/work shoes have been sold on eBay, together with any decent ones that I had, as my feet will be a different shoe size once healed.  

Brain power: I love watching quiz shows like “The Chase” and “Cash Trapped” helped by the fact that D has a bit of a crush on Bradders, her little excited squeal as the opening titles start is so cute! 

They are also brilliant for learning new facts and it’s made me think that I want to learn more about – for example – Greek mythology and the Arts.  

Channel my emotions better: Chocolate doesn’t make things better in the long run, it can form a bit of a vicious cycle when you:

Eating something as you’re stressed – you then feel guilty because you’ve eaten something “bad” – eat something else and it goes on.

These past few days I’ve been glugging water or having a cup of instant decaf coffee instead, the only downside is that – with my cotton bud foot – it takes me about five minutes to get upstairs for a wee, but that’s better than being trapped in a vicious cycle!

Crochet is also great for my wellbeing, a few stitches and I’m instantly calmer (apart from last evening when I frogged something that just wasn’t going right and I was making mistake after mistake, it’s definitely in the naughty corner and I’ll use the yarn for something else.  But that’s fine, I’d rather do that than carry on, making errors and getting annoyed).

The reason for sharing my self motivation today is that there is a new linky all about improving ourselves in our own ways and I’m a co-host, along with four bloggers, all SN parents and they are a fantastically supportive group.

School Runs and Shopping Trolleys

This week’s linky is hosted by Kelly and you can either join in here or by linking up below as the code synchronises:

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Anne on 4th September 2017 at 10:58 am.

I love to crochet, it really helps to keep my mind active and my body reacts by behaving a little more. Nerve pain is the pits isn’t it. At first I thought I’d never get used to it, then I did, now I think it’s just not right that I have to be used to it and I want something done to make it go away, enough is enough! I have some very stern words for my consultant in a few weeks time.
I love the new linky xx
Anne recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 3rd September 2017My Profile


Jeannette on 4th September 2017 at 11:30 am.

Thanks Ann, hope you can get results from your consultant, nerve pain is not pleasant and no-one can “get” just how it affects you, apart from other sufferers.
Never thought I’d love crochet as much as I do, apart from when I make a total hash of it! X


Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful on 4th September 2017 at 1:28 pm.

“Material things don’t come close to what really matters”, yes yes yes. #TheMMLinky
Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful recently posted…SEND and SpectrumSunday #56My Profile


Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes on 4th September 2017 at 1:32 pm.

I need to make time for me too. As my disabled son grows he needs me all the more, whereas his able-bodied brother needed me less. I need to keep myself well for him.
Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes recently posted…When did things change?My Profile


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