By | August 2, 2017

I popped this photo onto Instagram earlier, of a truly happy D:

She might look uncomfortable scrunched up but she’s not, she’s very relaxed.

And the reason? Cash Trapped, a game show that has replaced The Chase on ITV1 for a few weeks, normally this change would cause D angst but she gets oh so excited and a teensy bit flappy whenever Cash Trapped is due to start, it’s lovely to see (and hear).

I haven’t mentioned much about our school holidays so far because they have included a fair few meltdowns (daily last week), D always struggles with the out-of-routine that the school holidays bring and, as she’s now nearly as tall as me (she’ll be mega pleased when she’s taller than me, she will be!), her meltdowns do get harder to manage.

A lot of it is around routine, as I’ve mentioned, but some of it is around my upcoming operation on 21/8, that is VERY difficult to cope with because I have a far bit of worry around it too, I just don’t show it,otherwise  we’d be tangled up in an anxiety-filled vicious circle 24/7.

It’s “paste on a smile” time, which is hard when I see things like this (a sheet in her school work that came home, as to what worries her):

That mega long red negative worry is “mum going into hospital”.  

But for now, she’s happy and giggly and yes, looking forward to 5pm tomorrow.

Thanks Bradders.

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