Finally Post Op! 

By | August 21, 2017

Well, the first one of two anyway.

At home, in bed and doing a very good impression of a cotton bud!

Do you like the arrow? D finds it very funny and I’ve no doubt that it will be added to with some faces and flowers felt-tipped on in the next couple of days.

It was an early start for us all and Hubbie and D headed off for a bookshop visit and lunch whilst I was being operated on.  

The surgeon has rectified the problems from my op last October and also performed fusion work on my big toe, the second toe in has had its tendon broken and reset with a bit of wire in it.  

So, plenty more scars for my #scarfeet but hopefully it will all be worth it.  

Then it will be the same for the other foot, probably in January as I don’t fancy going through this again just before Christmas.

D coped brilliantly but did let all her emotions out when we got home, she’s been through a whole range of them toddy, it’s understandable.

She’d been saving me a bit of her Easter Lindt bunny for post-op (her idea) and we’ve just shared it, watching Bradders in Cash Trapped.  On a day that was very much out-of-routine, this little element was very much welcomed.

For now though it’s 48 hours of elevated bed rest, then elevation of my foot as much as possible in between being a bit more mobile before I head back in two weeks for a checkup.

Phew and all that! 

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