Day 30! #30DayMusicChallenge 

By | August 20, 2017

I know I’ve taken over 30 consecutive days to complete this but it has been a lot of fun, in between raiding my memory bank for things I’d buried.

The last song(s) are ones I can really identify with:

“Read All About It” just speaks to me as a blogger.  I’m not a “look at me! Jazz hands!!” person, I think about things before I say them too much and kept my thoughts generally to myself or write them down/blog them out.

I’m not naturally an over-sharer and I’d rather hint at things than blurt them out.  I swear in my head with the occasional F-word but really hate seeing statuses that are full of swearing, it’s just not me but if it helps others get out what they want to say…

Blogging has also brought us opportunies and a chance to connect with other mums/dads/carers who “get” living with autism/special needs and the challenges it brings.  

There are a couple of groups where I know I can pop in and either want to cry or laugh and always get support, anytime.  Thanks ladies, you know who you are xx 

I hope I’m supportive too.

Because this is the final Music Challenge and it’s my operation tomorrow (Monday), one of two which will hopefully get me happier feet, I’m popping this video in too:

“Take A Chance To Become…Time To Be What You Believe In”

Fingers crossed I will.

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