Child’s Favourite Book – #SEND30DayChallenge

By | August 22, 2017

Today’s prompt is “Child’s Favourite Book”, oh I loved thinking about this one! 

I am so grateful that both T and D really enjoy reading, it opens up new worlds for them, both in terms of the author’s imagination and the language used.  I remember many happy school holidays at my grandparents ploughing through their books that they’d set aside for their grandchildren, books handed down and with inscriptions in, all very special.

When T and D were growing up, they each had their specific bedtime story books, as well as a shared love of the Mr Men and Little Miss stories and it’s pure coincidence that their favourite books for bedtime both had Monkeys in the titles!

T used to absolutely love the “Hairy Monkey book”, we had one copy which was read over and over, the touch-feel sections were much loved and we ended up buying another one just in case the book fell apart one night whilst it was being read!

It’s the story of “Elephant invites Hairy Monkey to his party. He’s giving a prize for the best coat. Everyone is surprised when Hairy Monkey’s coat turns out to be a prize-winner–but only for the messiest coat!”

There were voices of the other animals to be made and T would always laugh as one night Hairy Monkey would have a deep voice and then a higher voice!

Definitely recommended!

D’s favourite was “Monkey Puzzle”, a book about a monkey trying to find his mum.

“I’ve lost my mum!” 

“Hush, little monkey, don’t cry, I’ll help you find her,” said butterfly. 

But somehow butterfly keeps getting it wrong. Will monkey ever find his mum?”

Along the way there are loads of counting opportunities and animals to spot, D absolutely loved the rhyme at the end “come little monkey, come come come.  It’s time to take you home to ….. mum!”

A trip to town with them could be (and was) fraught with sensory issues but get them inside a bookshop and they’d relax, each choosing a book to buy and invariably read on the bus home.  Love it!

When I was being operated on yesterday, Hubbie took D into a bookshop and she chose the new Captain Underpants story as she’s been enjoying watching the film trailer on YouTube and a Mrs Pepperpot book, which were stories I loved during those summer holidays at my grandparents.  Wonderful!

She’s also a great fan of Enid Blyton stories, especially the Mallory Towers and St Clare’s series and ever so often, the grammar used in the stories will come out in her speaking, “oh gosh, look at that!” or “best of luck for your operation” and how she’ll write things out.

Which reminds me that I’ve a stack to read too, whilst convalescing! 

Does your child have a favourite book? 

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